#LoveBlog2017 Day 17 | Wishes

Wishes and Dreams are synonymous. Dream big. Wish big.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” We all know the lyrics to the Cinderella song. To me, dreams and wishes are the same thing. I’m not talking about dreams we have when we are sleep. I’m talking about day dreams, dreams of what our lives will be like in the future. Dreams and wishes are nice things to think about. And, I agree with Britt of My Little Sunshines that dreams don’t have to be big or radical. These are some dreams and wishes I have:

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Wishes and Dreams are synonymous. Dream big. Wish big.

Wishes and Dreams for Myself

I want to be the type of mom that my kids are proud of…that I am proud of being. Same for being a wife. I want to go back to grad school and become a history professor. I want to take my family and travel out of the states. I want to be patient, loving, kind, giving, humble. I want to find success in my skills and hobbies. I want house that I love, that is all my own, that I can brag about.

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Wishes and Dreams for Justin

I want Justin to be successful in his career and to continue loving his job. I want him to continue to grow as an amazing father and husband. I want him to be recognized for his talents and skills by his coworkers, family, and neighbors. I want him to be proud of himself.

Wishes and Dreams for Rhys

I want you to be a good, loving, protective brother for your sister. I want you to forever keep your sense of humor. Continue being a sweet, loving boy and share that love with your future wife, whomever she may be (in at least two decades). I want you to grow up having a strong testimony in Christ and be willing to serve the Lord on a two year mission. I want you to keep your love of learning. I want your sense of adventure and bravery to allow you to have a lot of fun experiences and lead you to try new things.

Wishes and Dreams for Evelyn

I want you to always keep your happy personality–you are so smiley and talkative already. I want desperately for your bowel issues to be resolved–I hope desperately that you will quickly grow out of them. It’d also be nice if you could learn to sleep in your pack-n-play and not rely on cosleeping with us or being rocked in your swing. I want you to learn all that you can. I want you to grow up confident in your looks, ability, faith, and knowledge. I want you to love others and to love life. I want you to find the love of your life and enjoy being a mother as much as I do. I want you to always be open and honest with me.

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#LoveBlog2017 Day 10 | Secrets

Secrets. Everyone has them. Sometimes, they can be absolutely harmless, like secretly loving to watch trashy shows like Bachelor (I don’t, and I know I’m going to receive a lot of hate for that one!). They can be gross like having an 11th toe (I don’t). Or they can be harmful, especially in relationships. That is one thing I absolutely loved about the book Love Me True by Dr. Jason B. Whiting–it focuses on the different ways that couples deceive each other. It could be intentional or unintentional. Whiting shows how harmful any secret or deception or withholding of truth can be. I seriously recommend reading it to any couple wishing to work on communication, transparency, and improving their relationship.

However, I don’t really want to take a serious take on today’s #LoveBlog prompt. I know the guiding questions had to do with relationships and secrets and love. But, since it’s Friday, and I want to go back to some #oldschoolblogging (and since it’s my birthday and I can do what I want),  I want to do a more light-hearted post. So, here are some secrets you may not know about me! Continue Reading

#LoveBlog 2017 Day 9 | A Servant’s Heart

Christians are to be Christ-like. One of the best way to do so is by performing service. During His earthly ministry, not only did Christ teach and preach, but He served others: He healed the sick, ate with the poor and sinners, and forgave. He is our King, Lord, and Savior. But, He acted as a servant during His life: during the Last Supper, He washed the feet of His disciples! We should follow His example of having a servant’s heart. Continue Reading

Discover February 2017 Goals

Discover something new each month with your goals.

January was quite a whirlwind with having a newborn. My mom was with me a few weeks in December and January to help with Evelyn. And, I had a really hard time adjusting once she left. I’m actually currently in Utah–I have spent about 10 days back in Utah with my mom. This postpartum and the bowel issues Evelyn has been having and the transition to two really took a toll on me. So, although I did well on some goals this month, I didn’t do well on others.

Discover something new each month with your goals. Continue Reading