How to Make Your Husband Feel Successful at Work

Getting your man a JORD unique wooden watch is just one way to help him feel more successful at work. Check out five other ways to help your husband!

Did you know that pride is a big deal to men? That success is what they strive for? They want to bring home the bacon. They want to be providers. They want to feel like they are successful.

I remember all too well two year ago how Justin’s feelings about his job affected us. He wasn’t using his major. He wasn’t enjoying the company culture. He was tired of the drama at work and all the scapegoats happening. Plus, I had stopped teaching to be a SAHM for my mental health. So, we couldn’t afford rent anymore. He had to move into his mother-in-law’s basement. I started suffering depression. He now had a 45 minute commute. And was suffering depression himself. Then, out of the blow, a week after we found out we were pregnant with Evelyn, Justin’s entire department was let-go.

Getting your man a JORD unique wooden watch is just one way to help him feel more successful at work. Check out five other ways to help your husband!

Thankfully, Justin landed a job with Kubota Tractor, Company doing what he loves–statistical data analysis. Basically, he spends all day “playing” with Excel spreadsheets. Plus, it’s the same business as his dad (his dad works as a marketer for a competing company). Kubota moved us to Texas. Justin immediately started earning more than he did in Utah. He was given projects. He was sent to conferences. He was praised. The company culture was more professional: Justin, for the first time, had a dress standard. Work was important, not slouching off. Respect, not complaining or passing the blame, was the norm. Justin started to love his job.

But, my husband has a downfall. He thinks too little of himself. I know he can reach great heights (and his parents and my parents and all of our siblings combined agree). I don’t ever want him feeling as poorly as he did at his old job. So, I’ve been taking his job very seriously and doing my best to support him. Doing so will not only help my husband’s self-image, but will improve his work performance, the overall atmosphere of our home, my own attitude, and our relationship. So, I want to share with you some ways to help your husband feel successful at work.

Getting your man a JORD unique wooden watch is just one way to help him feel more successful at work. Check out five other ways to help your husband!

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20 Valentine’s Day Dates for the Whole Family | #LoveBlog Day (Plus Linkup & Giveaway!)

Twenty family-friendly, kid-oriented dates for Valentine's Day. #loveblog2018

Last year, Justin and I had a 2.5 year old boy and a 2 month old baby girl. There was no way we were going on a kid-less date for Valentine’s Day. So, we decided to stay at home and celebrate after the kids went to bed. But, they are older this year. Justin and I already have two dates planned for this month: 1) my birthday date and 2) our congregation’s adult-only Valentine’s Day party. But, we still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our two little special Valentine’s. So, we are going to take them on a date with us. We love having family outings and we love bringing our kids with us on “dates”. So here is a list of dates for the whole family.

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Create | February 2018 Goals

Word of the Year: Create. February 2018 monthly goals.

Goals. Sometimes it’s more fun to make the goals than to actually follow through with them. A lot of times, that’s how I feel. Sigh. The curse of a Type A. Lists, lists, organization, planning….that’s what is fun for me. But, I need to grow up. I need to become an adult. I need to be strong. I can be strong. I can do this. So, here are the goals I will create for this month (as well as a review of my goals from last month).

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January 2018 in Review

January 2018 in Review

It’s also been a hot minute since I did a review or a “currently” or a GBOMB type of post. So, I thought I’d catch you all up.  Here is what January looked like in review.

January 2018 in Review


Finishing | I am finishing deep scrubbing my apartment. I try to do it once in the summer and once in January. I’m also finishing a run-through of my favorite Legend of Zelda videogame: Windwaker. It’s the most cartoonish and Rhys has been watching and very into it. It’s been a fun family activity with Justin, Rhys, and I to do after Evelyn goes to bed.

Subscribing | To Netflix–duh. Hopefully we’ll end our subscription to Hulu soon, once Justin and I are done with our full run-through of the anime Bleach. I’m also subscribing to Little Poppy Co–they have the absolute cutest bows for Evelyn! I love every single one of their picks every month!

Wishlisting | A lot of stuff. I’m actually filling up online carts in a form of “window shopping.” I will actually also be doing my very first birthday wishlist post next week. I’m wishlisting clothing, toys for the kids, kitchen supplies and appliances, house decor, furniture for when we get a house (hopefully in the next three years), etc.

Watching | Well, I just finished The Office and Parks and Recreation. So, really not much. Just flipping through what Netflix has to offer. Sometimes, random episodes of Friends. And, like I mentioned, the anime Bleach.

Hearting | The fact that I can do cute little Valentines with Rhys this year for his Sunday School class, his preschool class, and his teachers! Evelyn! And all that she does! She is adorable and learning quickly. The way that Evelyn and Rhys are so excited to see each other after preschool–they literally run to each other and hug each other for a full minute! They love to play together and Rhys has been such a good, caring, helpful, protective big brother lately.

January 2018 in Review

Justin is Currently…

Getting more and more responsibilities at work. There was a recent set of drama between some tractor/turf/construction vehicle companies and the conferences they are a part of. So, now Justin has to help his company rectify and create some new statistical reports. He has also been recognized and thanked for his effort at the company and is now being paid a bit closer to his worth!!! He is enjoying watching BYU basketball.

January 2018 in Review

I am Currently…

Still working at VIPKID and loving it. I’m hoping to add Level 6 (pretty much proficient if not fluent older kids) to my teaching repertoire. I also stopped teaching at 5:30 in the morning. Waiting to do my first class until 6:00 am has really helped my physical and mental health. Reading a lot more and spending time on social media a lot less. I’m getting back into working out. I tried going the whole month without caffeine. I can count on one hand the amount of times I had a caffeinated soda! I also started using Crio Bru in the mornings to help wake me up and I love it. I have also been finding the sweet spot in being productive/working out/active and learning when to take breaks/when to stop for the day/when to sleep because of my recent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Yes. You read that right. I have an auto-inflammatory–Fibromyalgia. I’ll be writing a post later this month in more detail about my diagnosis.

January 2018 in Review

Rhys is Currently…

Doing great at speech. Rhys loves his speech therapist. He is definitely improving, although the improvements are slow and subtle. He’s getting better at recognizing and producing specific sounds, although when they come up in conversation, he is at 50% in actual use…but that’s sooooo much better than it was two months ago! He is also participating in a small preschool run by our Bishop’s wife at the Rec Center. Half his class is from his Sunday School class. He loves going to school and doing the activities. He is totally wiped afterwards, but he loves being with friends and learning. He had the “Brag Bag” last week (basically Show and Tell) and he was so stoked to fill it up and take it back to preschool. Rhys is now a “Sunbeam” at church. This means he is in the 3-4 year old Sunday School class and has moved out of the Nursery. He is officially part of Primary (our children’s ministry). He has done very well so far, and I think that my being Secretary of Primary and being in the room with him has helped his transition.

January 2018 in Review

Evelyn is Currently…

Recovering from Roseola. She had her measles vaccine at the beginning of the month and started breaking out in this terrible, red, body-wide rash last week. She also ran a fever and was just absolutely miserable. I thought it was measles because it’s possible to get it form the vaccine (I did as a one year old), but the pediatricians assured us it was just Roseola. Poor girl. She is now 13 months old and her best friend is Rhys. She loves playing with Legos, reading princess books, and playing with her baby dolls. She can say “Mama” “Mah-mah” (grandma) and “hi”. She is also very opinionated and stubborn. And, it’s still an absolute pain in the butt to feed her.

January 2018 in Review

The Good

  • Rhys started preschool and loves it.
  • Rhys can play Candyland and Uh-Oh Cheery-ohs.
  • Evelyn ate a whole chicken nugget all by herself!!!
  • I tried my very first Stitch Fix!
  • Justin and I went on a date and saw Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi. We loved it!
  • I started doing a bullet journal.
  • I ran/worked out at least once a week.
  • I love Crio Bru.
  • I spent a lot of time playing with my kids rather than being on my phone or laptop.
  • Rhys drew his first stick figure! And it was of me!

January 2018 in Review

The Bad

  • I only worked out once each week because of Fibromyalgia.
  • I’ve been breaking out a lot this month.
  • Evelyn got Roseola.
  • President Thomas S. Monson, the leader of the LDS Church, passed away. But, Russell M. Nelson is our new prophet and leader, so everything is ok.
  • I’ve already slept through a class this year.
  • My car needs to be looked at and tuned up…money…

On My Mind

  • I love how President Nelson answered all the questions in his first press conference.
  • How the GOP and the DNC need to get their acts together in Congress. And Trump needs to grow up and take a chill pill and a big dose of humility.
  • How will Rhys truly succeed once he starts Pre-Kindergarten this fall with his speech issue?
  • How do you keep yourself from spending money on eating out, especially when you are trying to save up for a house. This is Justin and my biggest weakness, and has been our entire marriage!
  • Reconciling the LGBTQ community and my thoughts and feelings with the Church’s policies and doctrines. Reading this book helped a bit.
  • I am so excited for all the Marvel Universe movies coming out this year…and a lot of movies coming out in the next few months!
  • Chinese New Year is coming up soon for my students. Many are out of school this entire month. I want to learn more about it and maybe try some traditional, authentic Chinese New Year treats!

January 2018 in Review

  • Both my sister and my sister-in-law are due within a week of each other in April. And, they both have chosen a woodland creature theme for their nurseries.  And, they are about the same age. And none of this is planned because they don’t really know each other!
  • My brother, who has been back from his two year LDS proselytizing mission in Argentina, has a girlfriend. He is an adult who has his first adult girlfriend. This is BIG! Big! Big! I’m super happy and stoked for him…but…he’s too young to potentially get married! I mean, he’s just barely starting his first semester of college since he left for his mission right after he graduated high school!

Reading Roundup | January 2018

Reading Roundup January 2018. Book reviews for The Gospel at 30,000 Feet by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, That We May Be One by Tom Christofferson, Half-Broken Horses by Jeanette Wells, and Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews.

It’s been a hot minute since I did a Reading Roundup! I didn’t really blog much the last bit of 2017, and I’ve read quite a few books those months. In December, I read a lot of Christmas books, but I don’t want to review them now…it’s not in season. My grandma has this tradition of getting us a new Christmas-based book every year, so I’ve been looking through those recently. But, I did get a book from Blogging For Books in December and it’s high time I reviewed it! I also read three books this month, two for different book clubs I’m in, and one from Deseret Book.

Reading Roundup January 2018. Book reviews for The Gospel at 30,000 Feet by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, That We May Be One by Tom Christofferson, Half-Broken Horses by Jeanette Wells, and Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews. Continue Reading