20 Week Bumpdate and Gender Reveal

I’m super excited to introduce you to our son, Rhys.
Rhys is one of my favorite Welsh names. It means both “enthusiastic” and “brave warrior,” which are perfect meanings to give to a boy’s name. It is pronounced Reese, but definitely not Americanized or Anglicized. 
We aren’t sure on a middle name yet. But, at least we know the gender and we know the name.
Both Justin and I have been counting down the hours all weekend to this ultrasound. Justin wanted a boy so badly that he started to believe that we would have a girl. I honestly wanted a girl more, but was hesitant because we couldn’t really solidly agree on any names for girls.
The ultrasound was so fun! The first thing the radiologist did was tell us of it was a boy or girl. She pointed out Rhys’s manhood, and said, “He is showing it off, so there isn’t any doubt.”
However, Rhys was being finicky with the radiologist–his back was turned to us, so she had a hard time getting pictures of his front side, which she needed to do. We both tried to get him to move, which he did quite a lot, but never in the way she needed him to be. Justin and I both agreed that the fidgety-ness and stubborness of Rhys definitely makes him my child, and makes me believe that he will most likely be a red-head like his mommy (because you know what they say about red-heads and their temperament).
I was also relieved to hear all the measurements were normal and everything was developing right on schedule. I was a little worried about Rhys’s size since I’m still not showing very much, but he is a healthy, average boy so far!
This is my first picture taken with my new tripod–thanks Justin! (Now, just to convince him to get me a DSLR to replace my 5-year-old digital Canon)
Side Effects
– My appetite definitely is growing…I’m wanting to eat more often…not necessarily more at once, but definitely more often.
– I’ve been getting more headaches recently, which has also affected my eyesight. Now, it’s been two years since I’ve updated my eye prescription, so needing new lenses could also be working against me, rather than it solely being second trimester headaches. Thankfully, I made an eye appointment to get that checked out.
– I’ve had another wave of fatigue. I want to sleep and stay asleep. I typically only get 20 minute catnaps in (when I have time) and still get up before 6AM, but I wish I could spend more time in bed.
– Definitely had two big pregnancy brains! #1 Put deodorant, instead of astringent, on a cottonball to put on my face. Thankfully, I noticed before it actually landed on my face. #2 I put leftovers from dinner (after serving Justin and myself) into a tupperware and put the tupperware away…in the tupperware cupboard. I didn’t notice until after dinner…
Food Cravings
– Mozzerrella Sticks (guess where I got them…Sonic!)
– Gummy foods (gummy worms, peach rings, starbursts, gushers)
– Fruity foods, especially fruity candy
– During my 17 Week Bumpdate, I mentioned I was craving Pepsi, so Justin bought me some Caffeine-Free Pepsi for my birthday last week.
Exciting Things
– Rhys loves to move, especially during the evening. He is kicking a lot. He’ll typically do it for about 10 minutes straight, then be done. However, every single time Justin has tried to feel him move, Rhys stops. It’s like he’s teasing his daddy or something.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.