5 Facts About Me

Well, to start off:

Fact #1: I HATE pictures of me…frankly, I’m embarrassed  Yes, I wear cute clothes, yes I get compliments, yes I feel good looking in a mirror. But then I look at a photograph and I think, geez, why am I so not photogenic. Why is my hair poofing. Dang it, my glasses are crooked again. It’s true the camera adds 10 pounds.

So, recently I found a new blog that I really like: The Life of Bon. She is an English teacher in Utah, and very honest-to-goodness with a subtle humor undertone that I love! She tells it like it is, but somehow it always ends in an upbeat, humorous mode. 
She mentioned that she had never been tagged in Instagram and wanted to shove it back in the Instagram community’s face. I feel the same way. Not only with Instagram (which I’ve only been a member of for a couple of months), but with my blog. I have been a blogger since 2010, saying what I think, sharing awesome adventures and pictures, as well as (hopefully) insightful and inspiring personal writing. Yet, I only have 20 followers, all of which I know personally and have hounded to be the base of my “fanship.”
Now I will do what Bon suggests and do it within the blogging community and maybe, perhaps (please?) get some recognition.
Here is a picture I absolutely love! I was single,  21, and on a cruise in Mexico. My sister was 18 and helped me look as cute/sexy as possible for a dance.
Fact #2 Ever since I was 10, I have been obsessed with faeries and all mythical creatures. Since 7th grade, I have been working on a fantasy novel with elves, fairies, wizards, etc. I collect faerie figurines. I have also seen all, you heard me, all of the Tinker Bell movies…the last one was watched last week.
Fact #3 One day in 8th grade, a friend and I took our thumb to our nose and our forefinger to our hairline to see how big our foreheads were. Ever since, I have done that almost daily and I am terrified that the truth is my forehead is getting bigger every year.
Fact #4 While on Study Abroad to Wales, I had friends who snuck out to skinny dip. Or who went out to clubs or pool halls and had a blast. I never went…we weren’t supposed to. We had super early mornings. I wanted to rest so I could enjoy the landscape of ancient and medieval Wales. Well, I kind of wish I had gone with them and enjoyed modern Cardiff a little more than I did.
Fact #5 There was this one day when my husband and I were still dating. I was tired and started “taking a nap” on his lap. I wasn’t really asleep, but he didn’t know that. He started telling me we would get married one day and buy a house and have kids and how much he loved me. That is one of my favorite memories from when we dated and he doesn’t know I heard what he had actually said. I love you Justin!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I'm the same way about pictures… everytime I look at one I think, "I swear I'm better looking than that!" Must be the vanity in all of us. Thanks so much for linking up and your kind words. As far as getting a fanbase… everything I've done to get more followers has been very deliberate… sponsoring other blogs, entering giveaways, paying to post on other blogs, etc. Blogging is all about networking and getting your face out there, which unfortunately took me a while to realize. I wrote a couple of posts on getting readership and traffic through blogging… let me know if you want the links. And thanks again for linking up. You're adorable! 🙂

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