August 2017 in Review {Currently + GBMOB}

So, I’ve decided to switch up how I do my currently posts..again. Now, rather than doing currently and favorites of the month, I’m also going to steal from Danica and do a GBOMB (good, bad, on my mind). It’s been almost two months since I’ve given an update and a lot as happened!


Celebrating | The fact that my parents are coming next week! And the fact that we are all moved into our new apartment! And that Evelyn has been trying to stand up on her own! And that Rhys is finally going to start speech therapy!

Watching | MasterChef! I think Eboni is definitely one of the strongest  cooks, but I hate her personality. I did like Yechecia in the beginning, but I think she’s starting to fall. I do really like Dino…his personality and his cooking. Same with Jason! I’ve also been watching random episodes of Friends during naptime. And a lot of Chuck the Truck, Tayo the Friendly Bus, and Toy Story 3…haha. Justin and I are doing a run through of one of our favorite teenage animes: Bleach. And, apparently, according to Anne from Anne in Residence, Project Runway started again!?!?! But now I have to cable nor any TV provider, so I can’t even watch it online!!! HELP!!!!

Welcoming | I’m welcoming all the kids in our church’s children’s ministry. I am the new secretary of the Primary (age 3-11 children ministry…technically, it also includes the nursery–18 month-3 years old). I wish I was welcoming fall weather…although it has been under 90* this past week!

Preparing | The house for my parents coming next week. Preparing for a lot of blog posts coming your way! Preparing Rhys for speech therapy.

Photographing | Not much, really. I should break out the camera more. Although, I have taken some adorable 8 month pictures of Evelyn!

Justin is currently…

Super busy at work. Creating new programs. Getting more responsibilities. Etc etc. He also went to the BYU vs LSU football game in New Orleans with a college roommate/ best friend/ mission companion. He was gone for maybe 24 hours, but he had an absolute blast. Even though BYU did absolutely terrible that game!

I am currently…

Going off my anti-depressant pill. Finding a new groove with teaching VIPKids in the mornings and random evenings, Evelyn and Rhys’s new napping schedule, and blogging. I also really need to get in shape with spending, eating out, working out, and losing weight! Who wants to hold me accountable!?!?!

Rhys is currently…

Weaning from her afternoon nap. He naps about half the week. When he doesn’t, he falls right asleep at bedtime. He is also in the process of being evaluated to do speech therapy through our local school district. Lately, he’s also been a bit pushy and shove-y with Evelyn. We are grasping at straws on how to teach him to be soft around his baby sister.

Evelyn is currently…

Pulling up on everything and cruising around on furniture. She uses walkers around the house. She is the happiest, sweetest little girl. A top front tooth and a top canine are starting to push through. But, she is super sensitive with teething. She is getting better at sleeping at night.



  • Evelyn, Rhys, and I went to Utah again in mid-July. I loved being with my family again. My kids had so much fun with their aunts and my parents. We also went to visit Justin’s family and saw a parade with them. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins! My sisters and I went to dinner and saw WonderWoman one night. And now, my parents are coming to Texas while Justin travels out of town next week! I’m getting used to Texas, but I love being with my family again! This is definitely the farthest I’ve ever lived from them.
  • We went to a children’s museum down in Fort Worth. It was so much fun. Both kids had a blast (but more so Rhys since Evelyn fell asleep as I wore her).
  • I was able to attend a really cool Tai Pei DIY event with other Dallas bloggers.
  • We love our new apartment! The contract on our old apartment was expiring and we wanted a nicer complex and more room, especially since the kids are only going to get bigger. But most of the apartment complexes in this area, especially in my church congregation’s geographic boundaries, are expensive. So, in our set budget, we could either go smaller and better quality or larger but poorer quality. There was one perfect building that was $250 out of our budget but in a good complex and in our church. We checked it out, immediately felt good about it. And, since I was now teaching with VIPKid, we thought we could afford it. So, we applied. Then, when we turned in our application, they told us the rent was $100 than originally quoted!! We definitely feel that it was providence that we ended up here! It’s a nice neighborhood, beautiful apartment–50% larger than our last, and we love the en suite bathroom and the kitchen quality!
  • Rhys is starting speech therapy. Finally, we got through red tape at the school district. All we have left is the official evaluation and an eye/ear exam. I’ve been doing updates on my Instastory, so make sure you are following!
  • I love, love, love, love, love working for VIPKids! I got hired at the end of June, and now, I’m fully booked every week! I teach about 30 classes a week, which is about 15 hours. I teach before Justin goes to work, and a few evenings after the kids go to bed. I teach English to Chinese kids ages 3-12. It is so fulfilling. I’ve been longing to go back to a classroom, but I don’t want to teach again until the kids are in school. So, this is perfect. Next week, I’ll be doing a post about some of the things my students have said.
  • Justin and I celebrated our fifth year anniversary. We got a babysitter and went out to eat and saw Spiderman: Homecoming. It was so nice to get out alone without our kids. We went to Buca di Beppo and it was delicious! We absolutely loved Spiderman! It was so funny and did a great job with the teenage character of Peter Parker!
  • Evelyn and Rhys love each other so much. Evelyn is getting to the age that she is actually wanting to play with Rhys, and sometimes, he’s accommodating.


  • Evelyn is the worst teether ever! Everything makes her so sensitive. Poor girl. And, she keeps waking up at night. Poor me and Justin.
  • I took Evelyn to the ER earlier this month. Our new apartment doesn’t have medicine cabinets in the bathroom, so all our medicine was under the sink. I was taking a shower and Evie was playing on the bathroom floor. She had just learned to open and close doors. She apparently opened the door, grabbed the big bottle of acetaminophen and played with it. It wasn’t closed all the way–my fault. So, pills spilled. When I got out of the shower, I saw her sitting on the floor, with some white around her mouth and pill around her. She was hiccuping, so I wasn’t sure if it was from spit up or the pills. I called poison control and they said to go to the ER just in case. Justin came home from work to take care of Justin, then I took Evelyn. They put her under surveillance until 4 hours when they drew her blood. She was so good at the ER. She patiently cuddled with me, played her her toys, had a bottle, and fell asleep. Her blood levels were fine–they concluded she didn’t actually swallow anything. We went home and Justin went back to work. When Justin came home, he changed Evie’s diaper after she had a large fart. There was a white pill, not digested, and whole in the diaper. I had changed her diaper and clothes before then, so….she had farted it out. She did swallow one. But, it went right through her! It was a miracle. But, now, we learned our lesson. All medicine NEEDS to be far above our children’s reaches.

On my mind

  • Hurricane Harvey. Thank goodness we were far away enough that it only affecting us by giving us cloud cover and temperatures below 90* (thank goodness). But, oh my goodness, all the damage and flooding done! How terrible! My church organized a quick drive…I bought a big box of diapers to send down, as well as the majority of Rhys’s old clothes. I can’t imagine starting over from scratch because of water damage. Even the beautiful LDS Houston Temple sustained flood damage. Our church is also sending a ton of volunteers from LDS churches all over north Texas this weekend to help clean up and muck out houses in Houston.
  • I’m super excited to go to Time Out for Women this weekend. I’m going with a few women in my ward. I can’t wait.
  • Trump’s repeal of DACA. I’m so pissed. Here two strands of my thoughts on Facebook about the whole issue:

    I stand with DACA. America was built in immigration. It doesn’t matter if your ancestors were white Protestant immigrants from Britain or Germany in the 1700s or Hispanics who only speak Spanish ten years ago. We are all equal and we all deserve the opportunity America grants for us. That’s what makes it the land of the free. That is the American Dream. Otherwise, we are a lie and we might as well take down and throw away the Statue of Liberty.

  • ……and…..

    Even before Obama was president, even before I realized I didn’t align with the Republican Party, back when I was a naive 17 year old taking AP government ONLY because all my friends were, I felt the same way then. How could a government be so cruel to children who don’t really have a choice if where they live, documented or not? Children are the future of this planet. If we can help them achieve in life WITHOUT taking from our own citizens, which the Dream program DOESNT, then why shouldn’t we help them and allow them to learn and grow and gain opportunity and experience here in what is SUPPOSE to be the greatest nation in Earth?

  • And with what happened in Charlottesville a few weeks ago….it just sickens me what is happening in our nation and with our leadership. They should be better than this. We should be better than this.

So, that’s it for July and August! What’s been up with you?!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • I love this idea for a post! And your “on my mind” section is pretty much exactly what’s been on my mind lately. Everything is so sad. Ugh.