Blog Post Checklist

A checklist to make sure you do everything you need to for your blog post before you click publish!

After having blogged for 7 years, I have gotten how I do my posts down to a science. So, I decided to make this checklist for each blog post just for you!

A checklist to make sure you do everything you need to for your blog post before you click publish!

Before You Write Your Post

  • Get inspired. Your thoughts, your day, your family, experiences, faith, knowledge, opinions, and anything you see can be turned into a blog post.
  • Write your ideas down. I use OneNote and the voice memo apps on my Phone to keep track of my post ideas.
  • Use a calendar to plan out your posts.


  • Just write it out.
  • Go back and organize into paragraphs with a good logical order. Make sure to do a grammar and spell check.
  • Add in quotes or links.
  • Add in images.


  • Create at least one pinnable image. Use a high quality photo you’ve taken or use a royalty free image. I typically get mine from or
  • Use a photo editing program. I use the free versions of Picmonkey and BeFunky.
  • **I will do a later post on how to create pinnable images.**
  •  Insert your images where you want them. It is preferable to have them be the width of your post and center. Make sure horizontal and vertical images are the same width.
  • Make sure to add an alt tag to at least the pinnable image.

Finish Your Post

  • Add in your signature and a call to action (question, challenge, something at the end to engage your readers).
  • Select the categories and tags for your post.
  • Work on your SEO. I am still new to this, and as a WP user, I have the Yoast SEO plugin which makes it sooooo easy!
  • Preview your post to make sure everything looks good.
  • Schedule it out or immediately publish.


  • Use the link to share your post on different social media. I typically schedule out my social media for the entire week on Saturdays, so I use schedulers.
  • Use Tweetdeck to schedule out tweets with a hyperlink. I tend to only do it three times a day. Include an image for at least one of these tweets.
  • Use your blog’s Facebook Page to schedule out a post–make sure you include an image.
  • Use Latergram to schedule out an instagram image. Try not to use your pinnable image if it has text (especially if it is the title of the post). When the Latergram notification comes up to post it, make sure it links to at least Facebook. This will get it on your personal page.
  • Join linkups!
  • Join comment or share threads on different Facebook blogging groups! But, make sure to pay it forward!
  • Reply to comments as soon as possible–you’ll get more engagement that way.
  • Pin it to at least one relevant board on your Pinterest acount.
  • Schedule out to have it pinned on different relevant boards and group boards intermittently throughout the next few weeks. I use Tailwind.

So, there you have it! I typically write all my posts for a week on Fridays/Saturdays and follow this checklist for each one. Meaning, I’ll go through this entire checklist for Monday’s post before beginning on Tuesday’s post. It works for me, I know exactly what to do and when, and it gets done.

What is your current Blog Post Checklist?

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Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Ashley Ziegler

    I just still love your blog design so much. And this is a great post! Very helpful for bloggers!

  • This is fabulous! Pinning!

  • Oooo… This is so helpful!!! Also, I don’t think I told you but I LOVE your new blog design. I’m launching my new design (that I finally decided to pay for) on the 4th!

    • Thanks, Susannah! I’ll be excited to see your new design!

  • Great tips! I follow similar steps when creating my post. I guess it is time for me to learn a little more about SEO. Thanks for the reminder of adding alt text to at least one photo.

    • I used to always forget with Blogger, but when I switched over to WP, it became a lot easier to remember!

  • This is really great information. I’m so impressed that you write all your posts on Fridays and Saturdays. I really need to work on getting ahead like that. I also need to check out the info on making photos. Thank you so much!

    • I’ll be excited to write about creating images! And, by writing them all on weekends, when my husband can help tend to our son, that way I can focus more on my son during the week!

  • Lexi Foster

    I’m excited for the new post about pinnable images, because I have never been able to figure that out! I love the rest, good job! (:

    • I’m really excited to write it, but it probably won’t happen until April!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I wish I could get all most posts written in a few days. I’m terrible about that, even when I have the ideas in my head, or even a draft started. Usually I’m writing the night before I want a post published.

    • I still have so many ideas to write about, so I’m still booked through mid-April. And, by doing it on the weekend, it’s one less thing to worry about every day!

  • Wow, you’re thorough! I’ve become a much more ‘relaxed’ blogger ever since our most recent move–during this season, I’m not taking blogging as seriously as I did previously, and I’m comfortable with that. I do have my own list of habitual promotions that I do for every post–once in a while I give a most more promotional attention since I think it’s an especially good one.

    • Ever since I quit teaching, I’ve thrown myself head first into blogging, and I’m having so much fun doing so!

  • I just made this into a checklist for me! This is super comprehensive!

    • Glad it helps, Emilie! Thanks!

  • Brianna

    Get list. This is very similar to my list. My post on Friday is about this as well.:) Great minds.:)

    • I’ll have to read your post and compare!

  • This is an awesome list. Thanks for adding this to the #BloggersGetSocial link party! We shared it everywhere since it’s so helpful. =]

    • Thank you so very much!

  • These are great tips. I have a similar checklist but need to update it for sharing on Instagram and for including a call to action for each post. I hope you will linkup with our Small Victories Sunday Linkup too.

    • I’ll definitely check that linkup out!

  • Love this list! So with Latergram, if you share it to Facebook, it’s posting to your personal FB page… not on your blog’s FB/business page? I’m looking for unobtrusive ways to share my content more frequently on my personal page, but hate ‘sharing’ from my blog’s page all the time.

    • If you go to your Instagram account settings, and scroll down, you can actually automatically link it to a FB page..I have mine linked to my blog’s page. What I have started to do is try to style relative pictures to the blog, but none that I actually use, for my Instagram. Then, I make a little summary or thought about the theme of the post. That way, on my personal FB page and IG page, they get the gist of the post, but don’t feel compelled to click through.