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Inkdeath (Inkheart, #3)
First of all, I love Cornelia Funke’s books. Especially her Inkheart Trilogy.
This trilogy follows Meggie and her father Mo (Aka Silvertongue). Mo has the gift of bringing stories to life with his voice. The third book, Mo, Resa, Meggie, and everyone else are in the InkWorld still. Mo has been becoming the Bluejay more and more. This book is the exciting ending in which Mo has to bargain with Death to save Dustfinger, Meggie, and the rest of the InkWorld before Orpheus and the Milksop ruin it for the Adderhead.
I love books about books, and Funke’s books are about bringing them to life. About stories that can breath. That are real. That is the main reason I love to read so much–because then I can travel to those places myself.
Funke shows her excitement and love of words and stories because of her writer, Fenoglio, and her silvertongues Mo, Orpheus, and Darius, and the bibliophile Elinor. I love how she describes, through these characters, her philosophy of how a story is created and how powerful words can be. I also really like how she uses quotes from other books and poems to highlight or foreshadow what each chapter is about.
This is a MUST READ for anyone who likes to read or write.

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