Characters Going Crazy Everywhere! (Students Write the Darndest Things Link-up)

One aspect of being a teacher is having to change your plans on a minute’s notice. This is either due to students not doing as well as you want (or much, much better), weather causing delays, or curriculum adjustments.
That is what is happening to me. I have to adjust my pacing and my scope and sequence for my 7th graders in both their Language Arts class and Literature class. It is very, super stressful and I feel under-prepared to do so, especially because this includes today and the rest of the week!
But, enough about that. 
It’s time for another link-up of:
Students Write the Darndest Things
Students Write the Darndest Things
(7th grade) Question on the final test for The Pearl by John Steinbeck: What is the moral of The Pearl? How does that make it a parable?
 “Greed takes you nowhere because if you have greed, you want more than you have. Alma (book of Mormon) was greedy and it took him nowhere, but to listen to Abinadi”
Reference here: Mosiah chapter 17 in the Book of Mormon

(7th grade) Describing the character and personality of Kino, in The Pearl.
“Kino is just like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He went insane”
(points for comparison to Lord of the Rings, but…sadly, it was incorrect as the character didn’t go insane…)

(8th grade) Describing the Macbeth feast scene in which he sees Banquo’s ghost:
“The lords act like: what’s going on?”
“Lady Macbeth says it’s ok everyone, he’s been seeing things forever. Macbeth flipped out.”
“Macbeth is basically hyperventilating and freaking out.”

This student loves to add these half-smilies to all her papers!

You can tell what’s on this student’s mind.

 This picture is about two weeks old. My 8th graders were able to gloss this much info on characterization, symbols, and themes in Macbeth after only reading 1 out of 5 acts! Yaay them!

 My 7th graders learned about the Sea of Cortez pearls as they read The Pearl. They learned how it was a symbol, so they wrote about how it evolved and changed what it represented throughout the book, and drew the pearl with something it reflected into the hearts and minds of the villagers.
My students are pretty much awesome and have wonderful brains! I love teaching them, even if I have absolutely no free time to myself and cry alot due to stress… =)
What are your students saying, writing, or drawing? Link up here!


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  1. Very interesting! Actually, to this day I've never read Macbeth. A number of other Shakespeare plays, yes, but that one was never on my curriculum, I guess.

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