Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork and Garlic Potatoes

Yesterday, I asked Justin what he wanted for dinner, and he answered, “BBQ Pulled Pork, Garlic mashed potatoes, and cornbread.” So, I obliged!
2 lbs pork shoulder loin
16 oz Honey BBQ Sauce
1/4 onion
1/3 cup of soy sauce
1/8 cup vinegar
garlic powder
sprinkle of brown sugar
Slice up the onion and surround the pork with it. Pour the BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar on it. Sprinkle  some garlic powder and brown sugar on it, stir a bit. Put the lid on, and cook on low for about 4 hours. After 4 hours, open the lid, and pull the pork apart with forks.  Stir the sauce again and cook for on low for another 2 hours.
Roasted Garlic Potatoes

5 small Russet potatoes (or 3 large ones)
garlic powder
1/2 cup milk
3 tbsp butter
Boil the potatoes until soft–about 35 minutes. When they are soft enough to fall off a fork, drain the pot and mash them up. We like to keep the skins on. Put the butter in and mix until the butter melts. Pour in the milk, and sprinkle salt and garlic powder. Mix it up.
For the corn bread, I used a Paula Deen recipe. It was super sweet, super moist, delicious! Probably the best cornbread I’ve ever had.

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  1. This looks great! Crockpots aren't as common in England, but really want to get one because I miss recipes just like this one. And crockpot brisket….. I keep the skins on when I mash potatoes too! Thanks for linking up! xx

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