Currently | March 2017

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a currently post. Basically, I haven’t done a post or update like this since December!! Really, the past two months have been a whirlwind of emotions, transitions, trials, sleepless nights, smiles, tears, and much more. So, I thought I might do one. Besides, they are very fun to write.


Watching | Well, we had another month of Netflix, so we watched a lot of Pokemon (the first season). Rhys has really gotten into Pokemon Go with Justin and has started to recognize Pokemon. Since it was a huge part of Justin’s and my childhood, we wanted to share it with Rhys. He loved it! I also binged for the second time on That 70s Show. We’ve also been watching a lot of Nick Jr, as Rhys loves all the shows. 

I’m also enjoying watching my kids continue to learn and grow. I love watching Rhys use his imagination as he plays with his cars. I love watching Evelyn smile and coo. She absolutely loves to sit up and watch everyone else.

Eating | was eating a lot of chocolate and Pepsi to help me deal with stress and the transition. But, it is March, so I am now going on my annual sugar fast. And, no, it’s not for Lent. About 6 years ago, my college roommate felt absolutely horrendous after all the junk she ate during the holiday seasons and decided to go a month without sugar, since all major holidays were over. We all supported her and did the same. It felt amazing to go a month without sugar and so I’ve tried to do it every year since.

We’ve also been trying to branch out of our typical go-to meals of chicken and veggies, pasta, and casserole for dinner. We’ve tried a few new recipes we found on Pinterest. We’ve decided that this lasagna roll-up dish has been one of the best things we’ve cooked and eaten since moving to Texas!!! It’s definitely now added to our staples!


Saying | Pacies are for nap tie and bedtime, Rhys.” “You are such a pretty girl, Evie!” “Evelyn, you went poops! Momma is so proud of you! You are a big girl, a brave girl, a strong girl!” “Justin, will you make a bottle?” “I want a Pepsi.”

Wearing | Mom clothes, obviously. I’m still wearing a lot of my Old Navy maternity shirts. When I was pregnant, I bought a lot in different colors. They don’t look like maternity shirts and they are perfect for layering. Plus, I like the feel of looser fitting shirts. Jeans, jeans, jeans. I bought another pair of Old Navy Bermuda jean shorts, but not maternity (it’s been in the high 70s and low 80s a few times already here in Texas!!). Once I unstitch the seams on the legs, they are the absolute perfect above-knee length for LDS garments! I’ve also been loving my Target Denizen stretchy jeans. I bought a pair of boot cut and skinny.

Posting | Adorable pictures of my kids on Instagram. Check out the amazing book I read this month about religious discourses given throughout LDS history by women. Evelyn turned two months old. I also created a new fish stew recipe.

Justin is currently…| Absolutely enjoying being a father of two. He dotes on his daughter and has the time of his life playing Pokemon Go and Nintendoland with Rhys. He is doing well with his job still and is getting ready for another business trip next week.

I am currently …| Still trying to find a balance to freelancing, reading, blogging, Evelyn time, Rhys time (including teaching him ABCs and 123s), husband and wife time, working out, and church responsibilities. I’m getting a lot of freelancing opportunities and I’m extremely grateful for that. I’ve also been hanging out with church friends a lot. I’m itching to use my new double jogging stroller, but I have to wait for the rainy weather to stop and my children to stop having low-grade fevers to use it.

Rhys is currently…| Having a lot of playdates and really getting to know his little friends. Loving playing Nintendoland on Wii-U. He can do many of the games himself! He does not like it when Evelyn cries. This week, he is also suffering his very first ear infection. We had to take him to the ER for it on Monday night because when it got bad, all the urgent cares were alrady closed! He loves bringing books to me to read to him. He may also be getting close to dropping his nap! About 1/3 of the time, he won’t fall asleep at all, but will stay in my bed for about two hours calm and watching TV.

Rhys also really loves to take pictures with our iPhones and even on my DSLR (but DEFINITELY with supervision!!). It is so fun to see the world from his view. Here are a few of the pictures he’s taken.

Evelyn is currently…| Just being absolutely adorable! She loves her new play mat. She loves sitting up. She’s regressed a little with her naps, getting in the habit of cat naps except for her long afternoon nap (which is still thankfully the same time as Rhys’s nap). She’s also regressed a bit with her nighttime sleep. She’ll have about a 5 hour stretch when we first put her to bed, but then she’ll be up every two hours or so after that. It’s making me really tired. We are trying to take advantage of this and not have her rely on the swing to sleep at night anymore. She now sleeps in her tight little Moses basket on the bed with us. We are still seeing a gastroenterologist about her digestive issues. Hopefully we are close to a solution and a reason. 

Trip to Utah

At the beginning of February, I took the kids and went home to Utah. I was missing my mom and really struggling with hormones and Evelyn’s issues. I spent 10 days at my parents’ house. It was really nice to have my mom helping me for another week and a half and having her company during the day. I loved being able to see and visit with my sisters and my brother-in-law. Rhys missed his uncle and aunts so much and I loved seeing them interact with Evelyn. My grandma got to meet Evelyn.

I can’t wait until Easter weekend when all four of us will go back to Utah to have Evelyn blessed.

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  1. I love that you guys are sharing Pokemon with the kids! I definitely grew up with it but somehow my husband doesn’t hardly know what it is! He’s only 8 years older than me so I just don’t see how that’s possible…

  2. Those roll ups looks so good.
    And, life sounds full and blessed!
    I’m so glad you were able to make it home with Evelyn and Rhys. There’s nothing better than taking the kids to grandma and grandpas for extended stays!

    1. They were so freaking delicious! Justin wants me to make them again this month!

      We are heading back to Utah in April for Easter and to get Evelyn blessed (kind of like a Mormon christening).

  3. Sounds like you have so much going on but it’s all good things! Hoping the weather gets better for you so you can break out that jogging stroller!

  4. Ooh I love finding new go-to recipes. And so fun to include some photos taken by your little guy – he’s pretty good 🙂

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