Currently | May 2017

Weather is getting warmer, and with that, so is the humidity. Sigh. Seriously. If the temperatures here could stay in the 80s with no humidity, it would be perfect! This past month had a lot going on, and we have a lot planned for this month. So here is what is currently going on…


Baking | Nothing really. I’ve been cooking dinner a lot, but not baking. Unless you count baking ideas. I’m full of ideas. Now just to add in the cup of motivation.

Listening to | Top 40 music stations. We’re trying something new and turning the TV off after nap time and only listening to music. It helps motivate me. I’ve also been listening to the sweet coos, gurgles, and laughs of Evelyn. And, Rhys trying to articulate his ever growing vocabulary.

Loving | My children. Oh my gosh. They are the light of my life. Also, the reason I’m not getting a lot done blogging-wise or freelancing-wise. Or even house-cleaning-wise.

Planting | Nothing. I live in an apartment. I have no lawn. I have no yard. It sucks.

Remembering | When I had motivation. Remembering our time in Utah during Easter. Remembering how much fun Rhys had swimming last summer and how much I can’t wait until we buy the kids swimsuits for this summer–our apartment’s pool has opened up!

Justin is Currently…| Working on new projects at work. The gym at his office just opened and he’s excited to take advantage of it. He’s been cooking a lot, too. I enjoy not having to make dinner. Justin got quite sick over Easter weekend in Utah so he wasn’t really able to enjoy it that much. Then, he got a sinus infection in his ears the second half of April.

I am currently…| Trying to find new contracts for freelancing. I’ve started working out more, especially running. It always feels so good to run! Getting super sleepy and tired more and more–I wonder why.

social anxiety

Rhys is currently…| Potty training. He’s doing pretty well, but we have to remind him to go potty about 85% of the time. He has about one accident a day. But, there have been a few times he’s told us he’s needed to go and was successful with that! He’s also trying to talk more and repeating what we say–of course it’s terribly annunciated, but he’s trying. He’s also struggling with nap time. Some days he won’t nap, some days he won’t fall asleep until almost an hour and a half after I originally put him down for a nap. And, when he does nap, he has trouble falling asleep at night. Sigh. But, even if he might be ready to drop a nap, I’m not.

Evelyn currently is…| Even more adorable than normal! She is laughing, learning to scoot across the floor, and has started eating some solids: baby oatmeal, applesauce, and mushed banana. We are going to try to not buy baby food. I have an immersion blender, so we’ll just make our own baby food this time. For as happy and wonderful as she is during the day, she is still a poor sleeping at night. We’ll put her down at 7-7:30, then she’ll squirm up until 10:30 when she’ll scream until we feed her. Then, she’ll be up between 2-3:30 for another bottle, then never fully settle back down into a deep sleep until 6-7 am when she wakes up for the day. Sigh. She is still a bit young to do Ferberizing sleep training…so we just have to deal with it a bit more.


For the Easter weekend, we decided to fly to Utah to visit family and to bless Evelyn (her Christening). But, for the most part, we were all sick and spent a lot of time napping and sleeping and blowing our noses. I had wanted to get some nice family pictures, but no one was feeling well enough to do so, and I wanted them to keep their energy for the blessing party. There was a ton of family on both sides, and everyone was so excited to see us (but mostly Rhys and Evelyn–especially Evelyn…I mean, it was her day).

Easter morning was fun watching Rhys get excited about the Easter baskets. He’s lately become obsessed with Yoshi, especially the Yarn Yoshi’s World shorts on Youtube. So, we got him a Yoshi plush. He’s carried it around with hime every day since!!! For Evelyn, we decided to get her an Eevee pokemon plush..because, well, Eevee=Evie.

I had wanted to get some nice family pictures, but no one was feeling well enough to do so, and I wanted them to keep their energy for the blessing party. There was a ton of family on both sides, and everyone was so excited to see us (but mostly Rhys and Evelyn–especially Evelyn…I mean, it was her day).

For Mormon baby blessings, we dress our babies up, just like a Christening. I’m kind of sentimental about heirlooms. I had Rhys blessed in my brother’s blessing outfit since my mother-in-law didn’t have Justin’s anymore. I was blessed in the same gown as my paternal grandfather, who is now passed. I knew I wanted Evelyn to wear it…but it was pink. My mother’s blessing gown (which was also worn by both my sisters) was more creamy. So, Evelyn wore the petticoat of my grandfather’s and the dress of my mother’s. And, we found the perfect headband that matched both.

Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium

The night before we left, my parents took Rhys, Evelyn, and I to a local interactive aquarium. Justin stayed home and slept since he was feeling quite sick. It was so fun to watch Rhys be in amazement with the different fish. There was even a bird cage full of parakeets that literally swarmed us. Rhys was a little nervous about them, Evelyn was awestruck, and one landed on my dad’s bald head!

Rangers Game

I’m starting to really like Justin’s job. Not only did we get a free day at Six Flags in October, but we also were able to get tickets to the Dallas Rangers Baseball Game. I’m not necessarily a sports fan, but it’s fun to go to sports events. We had tickets for a box suite. There was hamburgers, chips, sodas, nachos, and candy for us to enjoy. It was fun watching the game as well as conversing with Justin’s coworkers and their spouses.

Six Flags

The best part about having season tickets to Six Flags is that we can go whenever we want and not worry about how much time we spend. Last weekend, we were bored. We wanted to get out of the house and do something for free and something fun. So, I suggested we go to Six Flags. We hadn’t gone since a week and a half before I gave birth to Evelyn. So, we all hopped in the car an hour or two before dinner and went. The four of us went on a few family rides, such as the Merry-Go-Round. Then, we switched off going on a few rides with Rhys. We only spent an hour or two before it started getting late and windy and chilly. So, we left, went home, had a late dinner, and put the kids to bed. It’s so great to live so close and have season passes.

Also, did you know it is soooooo busy in that area? All in the same spot is: Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor (water park), Dallas/Arlington Convention Center, Ranger’s Baseball Stadium, Dallas Cowboy’s Football Stadium. Seriously! And they all share some parking lots! It’s crazy! Justin and I decided that in ten years or so, it’d be fun to take the kids to Six Flags all day, then hop across the street (literally) to see a Ranger’s game.

How was your April? What are you currently up to?

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Ooh so fun to have easy access to a pool for the summer! And I cannot get over the adorableness of that hat on your little lady. So sweet!

    • We’re very lucky to have the pool be RIGHT OUTSIDE our apartment door!!!! =) Thank you! Evelyn is definitely the cutest girl in the world (not that I’m biased or anything….)

  • Seriously, your kids are so cute!