December Books

I read a lot of books. You all would rather read my book reviews in one month per post. So, I’m going to oblige, starting now!

Book review for all the books The Morrell Tale read in December 2015

Stop Pretending by Sonya Sones
This is another book from my classroom shelf that I needed to read. The book is in free-verse format. It’s based on the memories of the author, with some creative liberties. It’s about when her older sister “went crazy” with schizophrenia and had to be checked into a mental health clinic. It goes through how Sones deals with the stigma of having a “crazy” family member and how she eventually overcomes it as a young teen and regains her relationship with her sister. It was a very quick read–it took me about an hour. Poetry-wise, I didn’t think it was very well written, but it’s full of memory and emotion. I’d like to share with troubled students.
3/5 stars

More Than The Tattooed Mormon by Al Carroway
Read the full review here. 5/5 stars

The Final Farewell by Patricia Wiles
This is another book from my classroom shelf. Because of that, I didn’t realize that this was the 4th and last book of the series! This is definitely a Mormon young adult book. It’s about Kevin Kirk’s senior year of high school and how he and his very few Mormon friends in his small town deal with changing beliefs, the prospect of going on a mission vs going to college, and surviving a tornado. I’d definitely have my Mormon students read it, but I don’t think it would really interest any non-Mormon kids…
3/5 stars

Mary Jane by Judith O’Brien
Yet another book from my classroom shelf. What really caught my eye about this was it is a Marvel comic book, but from a girl’s point of view! This is the first in a series that goes through the Spiderman adventures, but from Mary Jane’s perspective. I think it was great to have a way to really include geeky girls (like myself and many of my students) in the Marvel universe by having books like this. Even a lot of my male students would open this and read a few chapters. However, upon reading it myself, I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought it was very cheesy and predictable. True, I already know the different variations of Spiderman, but this just wasn’t good quality writing.
2/5 stars

Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order by Nick Redfern
I saw this book on display at the library and had to check it out. I love reading conspiracy and esoteric theories even though I don’t believe a shred of it. To me, as a historian and a Mormon Christian, it’s hilarious and fun to read. Justin and I laughed at some of these theories Redfern compiled. Redfern didn’t create any of these theories. Basically, he just gathered a bunch of theories and put it together in almost a chronological encyclopedia of sorts. Some of it was honestly boring–I mean, how can you make conspiracy theories boring?
2.5/5 stars

Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris
I absolutely love NPH and was excited to read this book, especially because he decided to be true to form and make it a unique autobiography in the form of a choose your own adventure book. This autobiography can either be read as such, or chronologically. He talks about his early life, theater, movie/TV, magic, family, and love lives, including some magic tricks for you to learn, as well as recipes. He even got some of his friends to write little letters in it. I absolutely love how he talks about his parents, kids, and husband, David. He is such a sweet person and strongly believes in family. However, sometimes it did get a bit lewd in his openness and honestly about drugs and his sex life. I cringed a bit with that.
4/5 stars
**I received a free copy of Choose Your Own Autobiography from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Have you read any of these books? Which were your favorite? Why?

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