The Dreaded PRAXIS

Every new teacher has to take the Dreaded PRAXIS exam!!!!
These are multiple choice question tests that score your knowledge on a certain subject. They are scored out of 200 and each subject has a minimum point that you must pass. You must pass these exams to receive your teaching licence. The main point of these exams is to make sure that teachers actually know and understand the subject they will be teaching.
I had to take 2 exams:
1) World and U.S. History Content Knowledge Test (Content knowledge on history…what happened when, why did this happen, etc)
2) English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge Test (content knowledge on literature, authors, understanding text, language and linguistics, composition and rhetoric, as well as pedagogical questions on how to handle students questions/samples and how to teach these)
As you can see, I was very nervous about the English one. History is my major and I was pretty confident in answering questions about history. But, the English one required so much knowledge! I was so nervous.

But…today, I came home to a folder in the mail.
Inside was a Certificate of Excellence….

                      For English!

It states: ETS Recognition of Excellence presented to Tayler Christiansen, In acknowledgement of your outstanding score on the Praxis Series: English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge on April 28, 2012. Your exceptional performance earned a score that ranks within the top 15% of all test takers who took this assessment in previous years. This achievement indicates a high level of proficiency in an area critical for professional educators. Congratulations!
My scores: 
History 173/200
English: 193/200

Needless to say, I am soooo stoked!!!!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.