How to Enjoy Your Inner Child with Your Little Kids

Enjoy your inner child, especially if you have little children. It will make your time with them so much more fulfilling if you throw caution to the wind and let yourself enjoy life to its fullest, just like you did as a kid.

My inner child is strong and alive. I’ve never fully allowed myself to grow-up.

Funny story–Justin didn’t want to marry someone who liked anime or played videogames. He believed that it was just a phase he would eventually grow out of. Haha. And he married me. Now, five years and two kids later, we are planning when we can afford to purchase the Nintendo Switch.

Now that our kids (…ahem…Rhys) are getting a little older and can have real fun, our inner-children are coming out in full force. And, it just makes playing with and spending time with our children so much better and more fulfilling.

Enjoy your inner child, especially if you have little children. It will make your time with them so much more fulfilling if you throw caution to the wind and let yourself enjoy life to its fullest, just like you did as a kid.

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Read your favorite books

There were a few books I loved growing up that are board books. We have bought many of them to read to Rhys. And, once he starts school, we will be reading him Roald Dahl books and Harry Potter. Not only are you sharing your favorite childhood books with your children, but reading is proven to help your children develop!

Have dance parties

No one is watching. Let loose. Dance with your kids. I have two left feet and am totally off beat. My two year old and three month old could care less. But, Rhys enjoys dancing with me, especially in the car. Lately, Rhys has also been copying Justin as he does folk dance moves. Who knows…maybe Rhys or Evelyn will want to do dance lessons when they get older.

Break out the Play-Doh

Who didn’t play with Play-Doh when they were a kid? We bought Rhys his very first set of play-doh two weeks ago, and he absolutely loved it. He can spend about 30 minutes straight just playing with it. Justin and I have also played with him, showing him how to use cookie cutters, make balls, roll out snakes, and more. More than once, Justin or I have gotten absorbed in our own play-doh creations.

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Play with them

Rhys is getting to the point where he is making up stories with his toys. Sometimes, it’s hard to fully appreciate what is going on in the stories because of his speech delay, but if you watch, you can get the gist of the plot. A lot of times, he’ll want Justin or me to play with him…and very specifically how. It’s fun to let imagination rule again.

Get on the playground

I used to climb on the playground all the time with Rhys. This year, it’s been a bit more difficult–being pregnant and carrying an infant on my chest…But, I love playgrounds. They call to me. I remember playing on the neighborhood playgrounds far after dark with my college roommates in Provo. Soon, I’ll get to climb trees with me!

Play videogames

Not everyone likes videogames, but Justin and I do. In college, during our engagement, we played a lot of Super Smash Brothers with Justin’s roommates. I remember one of his roommates mentioning that he will fear Justin’s children in this game because of how good Justin and I were. Well, Rhys has started playing video games with us. He does Nintendo Land–a collection of mini-games based of popular Nintendo games on the Wii-U. He’s very adept at the controllers now. He’s also playing Pikmin with me, and we recently introduced Mario Kart to him. We can’t wait till Rhys really gets the hang of videogames!

Share your obsessions

Justin has introduced Pokemon to Rhys. We watched the first half of the first season with him, and he loved it. Rhys now always begs to play Pokemon Go on Justin’s phone and is pretty good catching them! I will be raising Evelyn as a Disney/Fairy princess–I grew up obsessed with fairies and with Disney movies. Whenever we watch Disney movies right now, I love paying attention and still singing the songs…Justin is the same, especially with Jungle Book and Aladdin–he’ll quote the entire movie!!

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Fly paper airplanes

The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately–high 70s. (I wish it’d be like this all year round and not 100*+ in the summer!) It has also been quite windy with different storms blowing past us to the southeast. Perfect kite and paper airplane weather. We can’t wait to buy a kite…maybe in a year or two when we know Rhys won’t accidentally let it loose.

But, we have been flying a lot of paper airplanes and playing outside.

*I received a free product from Yelling Yak in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

We got these designer paper airplanes and couldn’t wait to break them out. This Pad of Planes comes with 48 pages of 12 unique designs for paper airplanes. There are 3 different styles of planes with instructions on the back of the pad.

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When the Pad arrived in the mail, I showed the designs to Rhys. He was super excited about the alligator (his current favorite animal) and the fighter jet (he loves fighter jets/space planes, etc).

Justin chose a few to fold and kept reminiscing about when he made paper airplanes as a kid (my biggest childhood paper airplane memory is making small airplanes with the church programs….and trying to nonchalantly fly them low through the benches…being very irreverant).

He showed Rhys how to fly them, and Rhys would run after them. Then, Rhys would fling them. He had so much fun. But, Justin had even more fun.

Justin wanted to give his review too:

I loved paper airplanes when I was a kid.  My parents got me a book of paper airplane designs, and I loved trying out all the designs.  Some of them were quite difficult to pull off.  I was thrilled to try out the Pad of Planes.  The kit we received had 3 different airplane styles, with several different colored designs. Some animals, some airships, and other colorful designs.  The paper itself is a thicker, almost cardstock like material, making it more durable and less likely to crumple upon impact when thrown.  Each paper has fold lines guiding the user to the pre-determined designed, and the directions are flawless.  Its very easy to follow, and the fold lines are labeled perfectly to guide the user to the correct fold order.  It only takes 3 or 4 folds before you can already see what the plane is supposed to look like, and the designs on the paper facilitate that even further.

Much fun was had.  Rhys grew tired of flying the planes before I did, and Tayler had to tell me it was time to go inside.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Shelly Joseph

    the first anime I introduced Mary too was Ponyo at 4years old it captured her imagination and she carried buckets of water with a flower in it for weeks. Anything that has wonder attached to it or fun is just wonderful and I never let go of my inner child. It keeps me from being way too serious…

    • Ponyo is adorable! I loved it!

  • Nina Bashaw Photography

    You sound like an amazing person and mom, I love your honest and loving approach to parenthood. I really enjoyed reading your post, it’s very clear how much you love your family!

    • Thank you so much, Nina.

  • Patrycja Cania

    So much fun, a chance to act like a kid again without being judged 😉

    • It really is. I love using it as an excuse!

  • Oh man, I can’t wait until my kid is old enough to make paper airplanes. That sounds like so much fun! I always let my inner kid out with my little man, it makes the day more fun.

    • My husband definitely had more fun than my son. Haha.

  • Doran HauteBeautyGuide

    That paper airplane pad is so cool! I would love that as a kid and an adult.

    • It definitely was enjoyable

  • Angela Milnes

    What a good post I enjoy reading this and I think this will be so much fun to my Husband and Son

    • They had an absolute blast!

  • Mary Anne

    I love looking at a father taking care of his kids.. I think there is nothing better and sexy than a responsable man

    • I first started to fall in love with my husband when I saw how he treated his nephews and nieces.

  • Firdaus Ysf

    So much fun!I havent had a child yet but this is really adorable.Hopefully one day I can do this activity with my future kids =)

    • Definitely keep it on the back burners in your mind for that day!

  • It really is so much fun to get to be a kid with your own kid! It’s one of my favorite things about parenting! <3

    • Yes! I get so excited to share my hobbies and pastimes with Rhys.

  • Lettinh our inner child come out to play is one of the best gifts we. An give to ourdelves…. It is life affirming and a great way to heal old hurts.

    • It really is. And, it’s just such a joy. We get to experience things anew by watching our children experience them!

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    Kids are the best to enjoy you inner child with. They embrace it and want you to be as silly as possible. I love it!

    • It really is the best!