Evelyn is One Month

Dear Evelyn Morgan,

It seems just a few days ago that Christmas was here and you were newborn. But, you are already a month old! This month has been a trying one for me. Not only have I been suffering from PPD and anxiety and learning to transition to two kids, but you have had issues of your own. The biggest one is your sensitive tummy and poor digestive system. You have been constipated so many times this month and you strain and strain to pass a bowel movement. Most of the time, it’s not as loose as it should be and it has given you a few tears. It also messes with your sleep. This has given me so much stress because I hate seeing you suffer.

Other than that, you are an amazing girl. You are bright eyed and alert and so very strong. And, I am in love with how much hair you have–and the fact that it’s auburn like mine! We love you so much!

Weight: 8 lbs 3.5 ounces (birth: 7lbs 5oz)

Height: 22.5 inches (birth: 20.25 inches)

Nicknames: Baby Girl, Little One, Little Miss

Eating| I nursed you for four days, then switched to formula. You take Gerber Soothe with Probiotics with a teaspoon of Gripe Water mixed in it. You drink about 2 ounces at a time. Sometimes, you’ll only drink 1 ounce, and sometimes, you want 3. As much as I would love to put you on a 3 hour eat-wake-sleep schedule like Rhys was at this age, that hasn’t happened. You eat anywhere between every hour and a half to three and a half hours. Typically, it’s around 2.5 hours between feedings. You stare up at me almost the whole time you drink. It’s very obvious when you are done–you basically shove the bottle out of your mouth. We have give you some prune juice a few times to help with your constipation issues.

Sleep| Nighttime: You typically have a bottle around 8pm (the same time we put Rhys down to bed) and you typically sleep until 10-11:30ish. Sometimes, we’ll stay up until then to feed you, sometimes, we’ll just go to sleep until you wake us up. Then, you’ll go right back to sleep and wake up between 1-3AM. Right back asleep and back up between 4-6AM. So you are a lot more sporadic then your brother was at this age, but I’m trying to go with the flow and be more flexible with you because your stomach kind of requires that. You sleep in your swing since you never stay asleep on your back. Most times, after your early morning feeding, I’ll bring you into bed with me.

Daytime: You typically wake up between 7:30 and 8. If Rhys wakes up before then, which typically happens, he’ll come into bed with us and watch Nick Jr while we keep our eyes closed a little longer. You don’t sleep very well in the morning…a sporadic short nap here or there. Then, after you noon-ish feeding, you’ll sleep for a few hours, which allows Rhys to have a nap at his regular time and I can close my eyes too! Thank you! In the late afternoon and evening, you do much better at sleeping for naps. You smile so large in your sleep that it takes up half your face. You also giggle a lot in your sleep too. We wonder what you are dreaming about. A lot of times, during the day and the night, you will struggle and strain and push in your sleep for 30-60 minutes before you wake, trying to get a poo out. I hate seeing your sleep disrupted like that. You also love to sleep in the Moby wrap. Sometimes, we’ll let you nap on your tummy as you can already lift and turn your head very easily and it seems to comfort you more.

Milestones and Learning| Tummy Time: We do tummy time every day, typically in the morning. You can lift your head up 90* already and consistently! And, we cannot even believe it: you are rolling over already! You’ve been rolling over since 2.5 weeks!

Focusing and Tracking: You can track very easily. You love following our faces around and different toys. When I’m on my phone and you are in front of me, you stare transfixed at the LDS Temple cover I have on it. When we FaceTime Grandma, you love looking at her, and have actually given her a smile!

Communication: Once or twice you have given us an intentional smile. You have also started to coo–it’s adorable and Rhys loves it.

Arms and Legs: You can very easily bring your hand together. You love holding my hand or the bottle as I feed you. Your hands have also found their way to your mouth quite a few times.

Personality| When your tummy isn’t bugging you, and you’ve had enough sleep, you are the calmest, most inquisitive little girl. But, when you have trapped gas or haven’t had a bowel movement or are tired because you haven’t slept due to those issues, you are fussy.


  • showers with me and baths in the sink
  • getting your hair brushed
  • being held
  • being in the Molly wrap
  • eating


  • getting changed
  • being hungry–you scream and growl until we get you a bottle
  • having gas or being constipated
  • your carseat–seriously, I can’t really go anywhere with you!
  • being put down if you aren’t asleep

You have already met your grandparents and aunts on my side of the family. They flew in from Utah for the New Year. You had so much attention the first week of your life. We are going to fly to Utah this Friday, and I’m a little nervous about flying with your fussiness and digestion issues!

Your bowel movements have gotten better. You typically pass at least one big and one small stool a day. They are getting looser and more towards the correct, average color and texture. I am a huge believer in probiotics and Essential Oils, which we have been using on your tummy to help digestion and your feet to help soothe you. Baby acne plagues your cheeks, chin, and neck, so we’ve been using special lotion to help it. Hopefully it’ll go away soon and hopefully it doesn’t mean you’ll be a pizza face like your Mama was as a teenager.

I love you so much. I am so happy to have a daughter. I look into your eyes and I can’t wait to find out more about your personality.


Mama and Daddy


Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


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