Evelyn | Two Months

Evelyn is two months old: she is a master at rolling over, loves cooing and talking to everyone, drinks bottles like a champ, and much more!

Dear Evelyn,

It seems like you have been part of our family for much longer than two months. We have started to fall into a pretty good routine, although I am still struggling a bit to balance freelancing, blogging, and spending time with you and Rhys. We have started to figure out your cries and your needs. You have definitely started to show your personality quite a bit. We are so excited to see you growing and learning.

Weight: 9 lbs 7 oz (1 month: 8 lbs 3.5 oz)

Height: 23 inches (1 month: 22.5 inches)

Nicknames: Little One, Little Miss, Evie, Baby Girl

Eating | You drink about 3 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hours. You still have 8 bottles every 24 hours. Just two weeks ago, we switched formulas again to Enfamil Reguline which has pre-biotics. The fact that the proteins are already a little bit broken down we think is helping you to produce a few tiny bowel movements of your own. We are also giving you 1 tsp of Miralax in one bottle every day to help soften your stool.

Sleeping | Nighttime: We still put you to bed when we put Rhys to bed–at 8pm. Every other night, we’ll bathe both of you, although you are still having baths in the sink. And, we’ll switch off who is putting whom to sleep. We don’t wake you up to dream feed you when we go to bed. But, you’ll wake up anywhere between 11:30pm-2:30am to feed. Then, you’ll wake up between 4-6 for another short feeding. Then you’ll be up whenever Rhys wakes up and comes to bed between 7-7:30am. You still sleep in your swing, or cosleep with us.

Daytime: You still have a hard time napping in the morning…maybe two 20-30 minute naps between 8:30 and noon. It’s also easier for you to fall asleep in the morning with a white noise app I found–it also helps calm you down when you are super fussy. After you have your lunch bottle, you and Rhys both go down for a nap at the same time. You’ll sleep from 12:30 to about 3:30! Holy cow! You will then have a good nap in the evening, too, before you go to bed. Whenever we go out, I’ll bring my Infantino baby carrier and you’ll fall asleep within 10 minutes of being placed in it.

Milestones and Learning | Tummy Time: Tummy time is a little difficult to do with you as you will always roll over in less than a minute! Hah. We are trying to keep you on your tummy to develop those neck and arm muscles a bit more. You can fully lift your head up.

Focusing and Tracking: You can follow toys 180*. You also can find whoever is talking. You love to watch Rhys move around the room. Fans and lights are some of your favorite things to look at. We bought you a play mat with hanging toys. You like to look at them, but you haven’t really reached for them much. When we Facetime with your grandparents, you love looking at their faces on the screen and will smile. I think you still remember them from the beginning of the month when we stayed a week with my parents.

Communication: You are definitely little miss talkative! You are always cooing and making noises to whoever is looking at you. You have definitely gotten the two-syllable coo down. You also use different elongations and pitches in addition with different facial expressions to show different feelings. There is a very distinct, “Hey, no one is paying attention to me” coo you use–it’s almost like a short yell.

Arms and Legs: You love to clasp your hands together, as if you are praying. You’ve also discovered how to put them in your mouth. It’ll help comfort you for about a minute, until they move out of your mouth or you realize no milk comes out of them.

Personality | Talking is your favorite thing to do. You are calm and happy when you are awake. You are only sad and crying if you are tired, hungry, or have some trapped bowel movement that you haven’t been able to get out.


  • Rhys, Momma, Daddy
  • Being entertained
  • Sitting up against us or the cushions
  • Being held so you can look out and about
  • Baths or showers


  • trapped gas or bowel movement after a long time
  • having to wait to eat
  • being overtired

Momma, Rhys and you spent a week in Utah with Grandma and Grandpa. It was so fun to be with them and for you to get to know your Aunt Maddie, Uncle Dallin, and Aunt Paige more. The dogs, Tucker and Winnie love you and kept coming over to lick you.

We have seen a gastroenterologist about your bowel movement issues. She thought it might be a milk allergy, although I doubt it. She had us start giving you a tsp of Miralax to see if that could help you push out your bowel movements yourself. Well, they definitely made your stools liquid, but you still couldn’t push it out by yourself. You’d get a pasty cork of poo in front of all the liquid poo. It would make your tummy upset a lot of times. But, one of your Aunt’s sisters-in-law’s daughter had the same issue as you and switched to Enfamil Reguline formula. So, we got it and immediately, you started having little skid marks or little splatters of poo on your own! So, we’re hoping it’ll continue to help you!

We love you so much, Baby Girl. We love your bright smiles and your adorable coos. We know and can see how much you love the three of us already.


Momma and Daddy

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    1. It seems to be working a lot! We got a “temporary diagnoses” from the gastroenterologist today … infantile dyschezia…she doesn’t realize she has to relax to finish her bowel movement and her intestinal muscles are immature.

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