Exude (Favorite Words Link Up)

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I like words. I always have had a fascination with a few of them. No, I’m not an etymologist. No, I’m not a word smith (although I would love to be). But, there are just a few words in the English language that stand out to me.
The first was daunting. The second was surreptitious
Well, now, a third that I’ve wanted to write about for ages is…
Dictionary Definition: to come out gradually in drops, as sweat, through pores or small openings; ooze out

I like that: “ooze out.”
“Ex” as in exit–it leaves, it is there for all to see. When you say exude, you elongate the “u”…ex-zoooooooooooo-de. Therefore, as you say it, you really do get the visual of oozing out.
I use this all the time as an exaggeration, “He just exudes sarcasm.” “This movie just exudes cliches.” 
As I’ve mentioned in all 3 of these word posts, I like the sound of words as well. That’s what typically gets me hooked.


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  • Some of my favorite words include: kerfuffle,defenestration, limerence, hoi-polloi, and hobbledehoy.

    • Bobby, you are a silly boy. I've never heard of any of those except hoi-polloi!

    • Defenestration is a great word. It has to do with throwing people out of windows. Seriously. Fenetre (with an accent in there) is French for "window." Defenestration is to de-windowize someone. 🙂 Doesn't that make it to your top ten awesome words list now?

    • Natashya, I've never heard of that word before! But of course, you would know a French rooted word.

  • LOVE exude!! Hmmm….. I use plethora often. So many good words, where to begin??

    • I like plethora as well! I may have to do a post on that one as well…or better idea, you can and post the link on my link up at this post!

  • haha I'm an English major… this makes me happy 😉