Fall Scarf Exchange 2015

I am so glad that I’m not nursing or have a spit-uppy baby this year so I can pull out my large collection of scarves! That’s why I was excited to join the Fall Scarf Exchange 2015.

I was paired to give fall scarves to one of my best online blogging buddies: Desiree from Macke Monologues.

Then, I was paired to receive a fall scarf from Liz of Ellie And Addie. Liz had sent me numerous questions to try and determine what the best scarf for me would be, and she definitely delivered!

I love how big, orange, warm, and soft it is! And, I’m going to be using Pinterest to find different ways to wear it!

I’ll definitely be participating again next year!

What kind of scarves do you like?

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  • How awesome!! And you got some other small goodies too! Love it.