Footloose in the Locker Room?

I ran to the exercise facility building today. There is a small workout room in the girl’s locker room where I planned to work out. However, before I went into that room, I wanted to do some lunges as a cool down from my run.

The best place: at the very back of the labyrinth that is the locker room. It was long enough….and it was empty. For some reason, I feel embarrassed doing lunges in front of other people.

So, iPod still in my ears, I walk down row after row of lockers, looking both ways, seeing girls change into swimsuits, or sitting in front of mirrors getting dressed. Further and further I went down.

At the very end, I began doing my lunges down a row of lockers, being careful not to capsize into the wooden bench in the middle (which I do often–capsize). However, halfway down, I had an urge to jump on the wooden bench and dance, do some fake gymnastics, then jump from one wooden bench to the other. The only reason I resisted was because my legs were heavy as lead after the run and lunges. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure all the girls in the locker room would have seen a version of this:

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