Full on Friday | March 10

Time for another Full on Friday! And there is a lot to share this time!

Quaker’s New Breakfast Flats

*I received this product from Influenster.com in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

My family and I love breakfast bars. We are all super busy, and everyone (but me) leaves early for work or school early in the morning. We are all on the look out for easy, handheld breakfast foods. I love the idea of these breakfast flats because they have cranberries, almonds, flax seed, whole grain oats, and other good, hearty, and healthy ingredients.

I personally didn’t like them, but my sister said they taste just like Nutrigrain bars (which I don’t care for either), but Rhys loved them. They are very easy for toddlers to eat–they aren’t chewy like most breakfast bars, but snap easily like a cracker. So, even if your little one doesn’t have many teeth (Rhys has all of his except for his canines), they are easy to moisten up and bite into pieces.



Day In Salt Lake

I need a de-stressing day last week. So, Justin, being the amazing husband he is, booked a hotel room for me in Salt Lake. I went down after Rhys went to bed and kissed my husband goodbye. I got some Costa Vida, checked into the hotel, sat on the super comfy bed, turned the channel onto Chopped, watched as my blog was being transferred over to Word Press, and ate my dinner. I slept peacefully, woke up, worked out in the hotel’s gym, had a good breakfast, then got down to working on my blog. After check out, I went to go eat at Blue Lemon in City Creek Center–DELICIOUS! Then, I walked around City Creek Center and Temple Square. It was so peaceful and so beautiful.







Relief Society Birthday Tea Party

I was recently called to the Relief Society’s Activity Committee, right before they pulled off this activity. The Relief Society  is a philanthropic and educational women’s organization and an official auxiliary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). So, I was put in the group that helps plan out activities for the women in the congregation. And, this is the first time in my adult like I haven’t been in a married student or low socioeconomic congregation. So, the decorations blew my mind! We used actual china! Holy cow! But, it was beautiful!









Seeing Friends

On Tuesday, I was able to eat dinner with Brooke from Silver Lining Blog, Bonnie from The Life of Bon, and Sierra from Sierra’s View. It was so nice to eat with them all. Brooke lives in Arizona, her daughter is 5 days older than Rhys, and she did my maternity pictures (while she herself was 8 months pregnant!!!). She is now pregnant with twins and was in Utah visiting family and buying a minivan. So, we were all super happy to see her. The discussion revolved around children (we all, except Sierra) have toddlers, teaching (we all are/have been teachers), and the Gospel (we’re all Mormons).

Yesterday morning, I met up with a few moms in my congregation for a play group at our church gym. The kids all rode little bikes, scooters, and played with balls. Rhys had so much fun playing with older kids.

This morning, I am meeting Bonnie at a local Curiosity Museum, and her daughter June, and Rhys will have a playdate.

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  • I want to hang out with you guys so bad!!

    • I want to hang out with you too!!!!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Wow! How amazing was Justin to get you a little mini getaway to recharge? Husband of the year award!!

    • He definitely was the best! He was super worried about me, which is why he did it.

  • That tea looks like such a beautiful event!!

    • It was so beautiful! And everyone complimented it! I loved it!

  • That Salt Lake overnight sounds so great. Maybe I need to do something similar here locally.

    • It’s always nice to have a “get-away” to the heart of the city sometimes

      • I live down the street from Disneyland. There are about a million hotels. This would be so easy for me.