Full of Friday 9/25

I decided to envelope ALL the Friday linkups into one post because how could I just chose one? So, I will call them Full of Friday.

Awesome Moments
1) We went to the gym twice this week!
2) I finally finished The Castle of Llyr. Look for the book review next Friday!
3) I hung out with Bonnie at her Scentsy party and ordered 6 new scents for fall and winter! I love Scensty!
4) I won two giveaways this week!
5) Rhys and I had such a fun time in Salt Lake City yesterday. We took the TRAX tram up and walked all over the city center, smelling flowers, splashing in fountains, waving to all the tourists, and then exploring the Children’s Discovery Museum. Although it was already past Rhys’s naptime, he was so excited to play at the museum.

Awkward Moments
1) I brought my DSLR with us to SLC, but forgot to put in the SD card! No pictures, except for three from my crappy iPhone.
2) Rhys woke up at 4:45 this morning for no apparent reason and didn’t go back to bed. I am so exhausted, but still have to tutor.
3) Dreaming that I ran someone over while rushing to the airport, and even though he wasn’t too badly hurt, I was too anxious to catch my flight (to Wales, might I mention) that he got pissed at me as I left after handing him my phone number.

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Looking Forward To
1) A free dinner date on Tuesday with Justin!
2) Getting fro-yo with Shannon next week!
3) LDS General Conference!

What was your week like?

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  1. The museum looks like it was a blast! And how fun that you took the TRAX to get there!
    I saw Bonnie's birthstone necklaces and just love them. I'll be adding those to my Brithday and Christmas wish lists.
    Have a great weekend!

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