Full on Friday 11/13

Oh my goodness! Tomorrow, my family is getting family pictures and celebrating Thanksgiving early because my 18 year old brother, Bobby, will be leaving for south Argentina a week before Thanksgiving for a 2 year proselytizing mission for the LDS Church! I can’t believe he is actually old enough to have graduated high school and be going on the Lord’s errand! So, although this weekend will be super fun, I’m still kind of dreading it!

Awesome Moments

1)  I made some delicious fried cinnamon sugar apple rings (and also muddy buddies) this week!

2) We went to the Nicklecade with Rhys, and all three of us had a blast! Rhys and Justin each won 250 tickets for one game (just by pushing a button that stopped a rotating light on a big payout)! We got a lot of tickets and bought Rhys a big bouncy ball, three toy cars, a stuffed snake, and a few lollipops!

3) Justin and I pulled out my family’s old 2000 edition Disney Trivia game. And I kicked butt!

4) We watched a little girl in our congregation who is Rhys’s age one night. All day, Rhys had been just super mellow and tired and staying on the couch since he was sick. However, as soon as little Quinn came in, he jumped off, smiled, starting talking nonstop to her, showing her all the toys, and running back and forth. He was so ecstatic to have a playdate.

Grateful List

1) Rhys has been having longer naps (1.5-2 hours) and sleeping a full 12-13 hours at night, even though he’s been sick.

2) Rhys has little friends in our church congregation.

3) Our window was unlocked last night–we went on a walk before Rhys went to bed. We were all bundled up because the sun had gone down and it was COLD! Well, we locked ourselves out! But, the kitchen window was unlocked, so we were able to pull off the screen, and I climbed through, and was able to open the kitchen door!

Awkward Moments

1) We still haven’t heard about our potential good news. I hope this doesn’t turn into bad news…

2) Rhys has been super snotty and coughing all week. Thankfully, he’s maintained a pretty good attitude the whole time.

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