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I can’t believe next week is Christmas! Holy cow, this whole year has gone by just super fast! I’m already planning for the new year.

Yes, my son makes a mess in my room, and no, I don’t ever make my bed.

Awesome Moments

1) We finished our Christmas shopping! Yaay!

2) Rhys is just an astounding boy. I love him so very much, and I can’t stop just wondering how lucky we are to have him as our son. He has been so well behaved this week, sleeping amazingly, eating well, and just being a super great kid!

3) Speaking of Rhys, he ate an entire Red Robin kids meal (mostly by himself), as well as an entire Chick-fil-a kids meal (mostly by himself) this week!

4) We got some a lot of beautiful white snow this week. 

5) Justin and I found a new show to watch on Netflix to feed our Food Network cravings: Cutthroat Kitchen

Rhys loves bathtime. So, when I turned my back to get towels and soap, Rhys decided the tub was full enough and got himself in the tub.

Not so Awesome Moments

1) We got a lot of snow…on Monday, it took Justin 50 minutes to get to work. His usual commute is 10 minutes.

2) I had some sort of pinched nerve or something wrong with my back and neck. On Friday, I developed a sore knot in my neck. Saturday morning, I woke up with really bad pain in my neck. By Saturday night, it had extended half way down my back. Sunday morning, I couldn’t move my head and the bulk of the pain was in the center of my back between my shoulder blades. It kept reaching further and further. So, we left Rhys with my parents Sunday night after dinner, and went home. Monday, I stayed in bed, laying down most of the day, and when Justin came home, we went to the doctors. They said it was probably just inflamed from picking up Rhys/sleeping weird/ stretching weird/being a SAHM or some sort of combo. According to Doctor instructions, I’ve been on anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants for the entire week. My upper back still aches a bit, but nowhere near as bad as last weekend.

Looking Forward To

1) Christmas, duh! Christmas with Justin’s parents. Christmas with Justin’s parents in Georgia!

2) The new year.

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How was your week?

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