General Conference Weekend

Right now, I am listening to the Prophet. Yes, there is a prophet in the world today, just like in Bible times. His name is Thomas S. Monson and he is the president and spiritual leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This weekend is General Conference. It includes four different two-hour sessions (including one two-hour session for the priesthood only) in which general authorities and apostles of our church give spiritual talks that teach and uplift the world-wide church. 
I welcome you to turn to your BYUTV station or go to and listen as well. I’m not trying to convert you, but these are wise Christian men and women who listen with the Spirit and allow Christ and Heavenly Father to guide their words. Who knows, a question of yours might be answered or you might be given direction for a decision.
you could have some good weekend reading:
Enjoy a perfect green smoothie (I am this very moment)
— Make some delicious lemon-parmesan tilapia

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