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Workout Fashion.

I’ve always thought the phrase odd. Fashion is about trends, looking good, being presentable, style.

Working out is not meant to be glamorous, not meant to be pretty, not meant to make a red-carpet statement.

I consider myself a true athlete: a get down and dirty, tumble in the mud, sweat stain athlete who is in it because I enjoy it. Working out shouldn’t be preppy, shouldn’t be fashion-forward, shouldn’t be expensive. That is why I don’t even join a gym–I can do well enough running around my neighborhood and doing (an)aerobics in my living room.

So, here is what I consider workout “fashion”:
** a sports bra
** plain T-shirt (typically one of my BYU shirts)
** basketball shorts, soccer shorts, sweats, or even spandex
** broken-in tennis shoes
** hair tie and headband you don’t care that gets soaked with sweat


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What other tips do you have for mommy runners?

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  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I agree. I don't understand the whole concept of being all cute and made up to workout. I sweat so much there would be absolutely zero point in trying to look cute while doing it.
    I do have to say though, investing in good workout clothes is important. Sometimes regular cotton shirts can really be uncomfortable (not to mention heavy) if they become soaked. As much as it pains me, putting down the money for dry-wick clothes is worth every penny. Plus, dry-wick clothes seem to withstand the beating of hard workouts better than cotton.

  • And see, I wear cotton shirts because of modesty issues…but inside, I wear much shorter cuz no one will see but me and my hubby!