Get Fit Thursdays // Workout Routines

Today’s prompt is on your workout routines. Well, I decided to split it into two different weeks. Today I will talk about my own personal workout routine and next Thursday I will show you some workout games I created!
The biggest thing I do to work out is running. I love running. I never thought I would, but I discovered it’s secrets while in college: Why I Run
I typically like running in the morning, and read here for the reason why. However, I also like running in the evenings…something about the sun partly up or down.
1st: Run at least 30 minutes
2nd: Stretch out all major muscle groups
3rd: Curl ups, planks, and other core workouts (small and short reps)
4th: Legs and Arms (wall sit, lunges, weights for the arms) (small and short reps)
While in college, I would typically do this for half the time, the other half, I’d work out at BYU’s gym (it was free as a student). I’d switch off between the elliptical, stair machine, bike, and treadmill. Then, I’d do my stretches, and make my way around the different machines. However, I can’t really do that anymore… =(
Justin and I tried Daily Burn last week and we liked it. It was fun trying the different levels of difficulty, the different modes of work outs. We also like going for a walk with Rhys between dinner and his bedtime. It’s a nice, relaxing, healthy thing to do, especially since our neighborhood is hilly! Justin has also recently installed a pull up bar in our doorway.
So, what about you? What do you like to do to work out?

Today: “Workout Routines”
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Th 4/30: Your Choice–make sure it’s relevant!
Th 5/14: “Workout Fashion”
Th 6/18: “Q&A”–where are you since day 1, and ask us 3 whatever relevant question you want!
Th 6/23: “Results”–we’ll answer your questions and you give us final results!


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  • I love running especially with our two dogs! It's a great way to clear my head and I just feel so good afterwards!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I love that you and Justin worked out together!
    I'm constantly looking for new ways to get a good sweat in – especially now that things are a little more challenging. And, I sure do miss the student perks, like a good gym with tons of different equipment to keep things fresh!

  • It was nice to go running, but now the weather has turned cold and rainy again, so it's a little harder to find other workouts to do inside!

  • I'm so not a runner, but it's Angel preferred work-out, too. Sometimes we go out together–we'll both go to the park, and he'll run while I walk and then stretch on the equipment at the park. I also tend to consider things like going to the mall exercise, because it's like a 20 minute walk from our place to the mall, haha! 😛

  • Justin loves mall walking as exercise, too! =)