Half a Year! Rhys is 6 Months Old!

Dear Rhys Michael,
I find it hard to believe that you are half a year old. You are growing mentally and socially so very fast and it amazes us to see your progress!

It was quite the whirlwind, this month, with freezing temperatures and going all over Utah and Idaho to visit family. You had the time of your life playing with your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and puppies in Farmington. You also loved meeting your 10 month old cousin, Kate, although she was only half-enjoying herself. When we went to visit Justin’s family, you loved watching your young boy cousins tumble and rumble around the room and you ate up all the attention from the grandparents and aunts and uncles you hardly see. You have gotten a butt-load of toys and clothes from everyone and we are pretty set for a few months!

Weight: 15.5 pounds, 13th percentile (5 months: 14 pounds, 8th percentile)
Height: 26 inches, 23rd percentile   (5 months: 24.75 inches, 7th percentile)
Nicknames: Bucky, Rhysie, Stinker-butt, Baby Boy

Eating and Teething
You have 5 bottles a day of 6 ounces. You still spit up a ton, and Momma still doesn’t like it. But, you aren’t eating during the night because you’ve been settling yourself back to sleep pretty quickly. (Well, that was before Christmas Break…) You also have rice cereal about an hour after your first morning bottle, and a veggie or fruit for dinner (again, Christmas Break kind of ruined that routine…). You absolutely love eating and you hyperventilate and immediately start moving towards your food once you see it.

You like:
– rice cereal (next time we’ll buy brown rice, oat, or rice with banana)
– peas (your absolute favorite! you hyperventilate, exclaim your excitement, and wave your hands around–just like Momma–it’s my favorite veggie!)
– bananas
– green beans
– sweet potatoes
– bread, especially fried bread…especially donuts (we give you very tiny little bites)

You dislike: (more like your body disagrees, but you still enjoy the flavor)
– carrots
– sweet potatoes (you’ve only had it once, right before you got sic, so we’re not sure)

You are still drooling excessively, incessantly chomping and sucking, and sometimes you’ll get fussy for no reason. Your lower gums look a little white and feel warm. I saw on a forum that one baby had teething symptoms starting at 4 months, then, all at once got the first 4 teeth at 7 months. I hope that’s not you, Baby Boy!

Daytime: The first half of this month, you did excellent! You were taking 2 two-hour naps and a short 45-60 minute one in late afternoon/early evening. I’d rock you for a couple of minutes, put you in your crib, and you’d fall asleep on your own. However, during Christmas Break, that changed and you took anywhere from three or four 45 minute to 2 hour naps after I rocked and rocked and sang and sang. Now, we are trying to get you back to how it was before.

Nightime: The first half of the month, you were amazing with your nighttime sleep. You would resettle yourself during the night, and sleep in until 7:30-8:00AM. It was so nice to get good sleep! But, during vacation, you were in a pack-n-play next to squeaky beds that Momma and Daddy slept in, with a busy, loud house. Not what you were used to at all. Plus, you were going through a growth spurt! You’d wake up 5+ times a night and sometimes we’d have to spend 20 minutes resettling you, sometimes even resorting to midnight drives and 5AM mini-feeding while laying in bed with us. Then, you’d squirm and wake between 6:00-6:30. Joy. You are still acting like that, except it’s back to around 3 wakings rather than 5+.

Relationships and Socializing
You are a big flirt! Everyone you meet and greet gets at least a smile, but girls get a smile, squirms, and non-stop coo’s. You love playing with other babies, although they are all older than you and able to crawl and pull themselves up. You also like to crawl over to Momma and nuzzle your head in my lap until I pick you up, then you give a big hug! Over the weekend, you even gave Momma a few intentional kisses! You are starting to get a little bit of separation anxiety. If Momma and Daddy both leave the room, you start to fuss until we’re back in your sight. Daddy and you have a new rolling game, and you laugh every time you play it.

Milestones hit at 5 months:
– razzing and raspberry sounds
– pivoting while scooting, getting up on hands and knees
– beginning to sit up

Talking: You talk almost non-stop now. Your new favorite sound is the raspberry with your tongue sticking out. You also make an “oh-ma” sound that we’re pretty sure means “mom” since you always look at me or try to find me while you say it.

Mobility: You lift up on your hands and knees, lift up and move your knees, then rock back and forth, unsure what to do next (you can’t figure out to lift up your hands, yet), then belly flop onto the floor. Scooting is still your main mode of transportation. You also lift up all the way onto your feet, like you are doing the yoga move, downward facing dog. We wonder if you’ll learn to pull yourself up and walk before crawling. You’ve also discovered small spaces like “canyons” and “tunnels” and love to try to squeeze through them! You are also able to scoot over arms and small legs.

Sitting: You can sit by yourself now, and you’re pretty good with getting back into a scooting position. Though sometimes, you’ll still fall over. While scooting, you’ll look back at something behind you and try to sit, but you can’t do it just yet. We let you sit unaided in the tub now, although we are constantly watching you, as we don’t want you to bonk your head or face plant into the water.

Pulling Up and Standing: You can’t do this on your own yet. But, if there is something easy to hold, like a wire cage (the puppies’ cage), you can stand up for a few seconds. If we raise you up on your feet and grab your hands, sometimes you’ll start to take steps!

Playing and Problem Solving: We got you a few balls and you absolutely love them. You’ve figured out how to roll the ball while on your stomach, and you’ll spend a long time rolling it, excitedly hyperventilating and chasing after it, then doing it again.You really enjoy books and trying to turn the pages. You are beginning to follow Momma and Daddy’s fingers as they point to thins on the page. If a toy gets thrown or pushed under the couch, you will try to get it.
You absolutely love bathtime! You have recently discovered the thrill and joy and splashing in the water and we think it is too cute. You’ve also discovered the drain and try to grab it. You’ve also discovered vents in the floor and try to figure those out.
You like car rides now as you enjoy looking out the windows at the cars or the scenery. It keeps you contented. You also discovered that if you turn your head and look up, you can see Momma as she looks back at your from the driver’s seat.
You like being thrown up in the air (I don’t let go of you) and being tickled by puppets.

You are the most curious boy I’ve ever seen. You want to play with everything, talk to everyone, and chew on anything. You’ve been a bit more fussy this month, but that’s probably from teething and being away from home so much. We also thin kyou might be getting a cold, or something.  However, you are smiling more and laughing. Your laugh is infectious and almost moves me to tears, I love hearing it so much!

– playing, especially with balls
– sitting up
– watching cartoons or sports
– scooting through tunnels
– reading
– food, of any kind!
– playing with and cuddling with Momma and Daddy
– bathtime, especially splashing

– getting frustrated
– getting stuck
– carrots
– getting dressed or undressed
– being startled

Momma and Daddy hope and wish you feel better, get your teeth soon, and are able to get back to a good sleep schedule like you had last month! But, we are astounded with how much you are growing and we are so happy you have moved up in growth percentiles. It is hard for us to fathom we’ve had you for 6 months and soon you ‘ll be walking and talking and feeding yourself. We are excited for the times ahead, but also already nostalgic for when you were a newborn.

You are our pride and joy, Rhys, and we love you to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

Momma and Daddy

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. You narrate everything so nicely. It will be nice to go back and read this with Rhys some day. I have a baby girl about the same age, born July 16, so it is fun to read about your little bundle of joy. Its funny how similar they are.

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