Happy Father’s Day & Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
My Dad is my hero! He is a JAG for the Marine Corps. That means that he studies military law and is a lawyer for the marine corps, sometimes even advising generals and such with what is legal. He is also the power of attorney for many people. He has been a Marine all my life. However, last October, he retired. That is why my family is now in Farmington, Utah. But, does that mean my dad is done working law? Nope! He now works for a firm in Murray–law is his life, he loves it!
In 2004-2005, my dad went to Iraq to help train Iraqi lawyers how hold a court of due process. He has also been a part of many service drives for those children in Iraq. He once was in charge of one in Virginia that sent not only clothes, but also soccer supplies because he saw the children in Iraq loved soccer.  Read this article about him, it’s awesome!
My dad is a caring, quiet man. He is very modest. He thinks before he speaks by rubbing his hand over his scalp until he can think of the right words. He has taught my siblings and I countless moral lessons. He is a marathon runner, loves Hitchcock movies, sci-fi, John Grisham books, and hamburgers and potato salad. I try to be like him.
But, today, June 16th, is also my Mom’s birthday!
My mom and my sister Madison.
This has only happened once before in my life that Father’s Day and Mom’s birthday has been on the same day. They’ve told me they are going to have a big date tonight–time away from the kids to spend time alone with each other. 
Enjoy the day with each other!
One of their earliest pictures together. Aren’t they hot stuff?

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