To My Husband On (his 3rd) Father’s Day

To my husband on his 3rd Father's Day

Dear Justin,

Thank you so much for being the father of my children. I couldn’t have asked for a better man.

To my husband on his 3rd Father's Day

Sometimes, it’s still hard to imagine that we are parents of two children! But, you have handled it with grace–especially during the first few months of each child’s birth when I was an emotional wreck.

From the very first time I saw you interact with your nieces and nephews, I knew you’d be a good father and you haven’t let me down yet. I am so grateful that for the vast majority, we are on the same page with parenting. You are very supportive in how I want to raise the kids. You are a rock when I’m having a hard time.

I am so grateful for the Saturdays that you give me–watching the kids all day so I can spend hours on end at Starbucks or the library trying to play catch up with the blog and freelancing. I am so grateful for the mornings you give me on weekends, taking Evelyn and Rhys and letting me sleep in more, even though you still get up before me on weekdays. I know I take advantage of you at night sometimes when Evelyn wakes up demanding a bottle. But, you get up and feed her anyway.

I am very lucky that you were with me for both Rhys’s and Evelyn’s births. You don’t know how much that meant to me. Especially when I was getting an epidural since I know you don’t like needles, especially in the spinal area. You were a comfort and a motivator. You gave me the courage and confidence to go through with labor.

You are so gentle with both of our kids. When you cuddle with them, my heart melts. I know you say you could just lay down cuddling your kids all day, and I’d love to give you that opportunity (if only our kids would acquiesce). I am so happy that you want to share your passions and childhood with our children. I love seeing how excited you and Rhys get about Pokemon and Mario. I love that you want to share with him your favorite Disney movies. And that time we played with the paper airplanes? I had so much fun just watching you and Rhys. And when you play with Evelyn, it is just so adorable. I know she already has you wrapped around her little finger and can’t wait to see what ends you’ll go to to make her happy the older she gets.

Do you realize just how much your kids adore you? When asked “Who’s the best?”, Rhys will still say “Daddy.” He wants to include you in everything he does. “Rhys and Daddy play Wii-U.” “Rhys and Daddy go swimming.” “Rhys and Daddy pow-pow bad guys.” “Rhys and Daddy make waffles.” There are many times during the day that he’ll ask me, “Where Daddy go?” And when I say, “At work, he’ll be back for dinner,” he first responds “oh..” sadly, then “ok!” excited for dinner time. His face just lights up whenever he plays with you.

I can’t wait for you to teach him more–play sports with him, help him with his math homework, show him how to respect his priesthood, guide him through scouts, encourage him to go on a mission, teach him how to treat women. You will do a great job raising a respectful young man.

Even at six months old, Evelyn absolutely loves you. You are her hero. She smiles whenever she sees you. She wants to be constantly touching you, especially your beard. When you come home, she recognizes that and just absolutely gushes. I am so happy you get to have bonding time with her feeding her and putting her to bed. I know sometimes now she prefers me to do so, but she will definitely become a Daddy’s girl soon–I can feel it.

I can’t wait for you to teach her more–play sports with her, help her with her math homework, do tea parties, rescue the princess, go on daddy-daughter dates with her, interrogate her boyfriends, teach her a strong work ethic, encourage her to do STEM (if she wants), give her away (hopefully not for at least 20 years!!). You will do a great job raising a smart young woman.

I am so lucky to have you as my husband and as the father of my kids.

Happy 3rd Father’s Day, Justin!


Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


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