I am Officially a Full-Time Teacher (So What Wednesday)

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So What If I….

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~ Got a new bike yesterday? Super happy I did and there will be a ton of bike riding now!
~ I need to go shopping today for a 4th of July shirt and accessories?
~ Have to put my summer reading list on hold (3 down, 8 to go) because…..
I just got hired as a full-time teacher!!!!!!!
You are looking at reading about the newest English Teacher at Navigator Pointe Academy (a public charter school in West Jordan). Which means, I had to call the charter school that gave me a half-time position and tell them sorry, I couldn’t accept it.
I am super excited! I spent my student teaching internship last year teaching History, but now I get to teach English! I’ll be so glad to put both under my belt and on my resume after only 2 years of teaching!
I will be teaching one history class, two writing classes, a 7th grade English class, an 8th grade English class, and a 9th grade English class. Insane, right? But I’m super excited for numerous reasons:
~ Navigator Pointe, albeit really out of the way (35-55 minute commute depending on traffic) is a very small charter school–only 500 students K-9. Which means, for the jr. high (7-9), there is only 1 science teacher, 1 math teacher, 1 history teacher, and now 2 English teachers.
~ The principal is from Virginia just like me. I’m a bit jealous that she actually has an accent, though.
~ Navigator Pointe doesn’t follow the National Core. Instead, they do something called Core Knowledge. This is kind of like the National Core in that it builds on itself, but it focuses more on cross-curriculum, making sure every subject connects to each other, and hitting important points, events, concepts, and pieces of literature/art/music that every child should be exposed to.
~ Navigator Pointe teaches Shakespeare to its jr. high students! I love Shakespeare and am so excited to teach it to every grade!
~ I get to read new books! I did the IB program in school, so I read more of international books, rather than American classics.

(Aside from the Shakespeare, I have never read any of these books, surprisingly!) This is only a selection from 7th, 8th, and 9th grade and ONLY the tip of the iceberg. Each grade reads a total of 6 books (including a Shakespeare play) during the year.

~ Navigator Pointe not only focuses on cross-curricular learning, but also on writing. They even have a Writing Coordinator for the entire school that “interviewed” me after my initial interview with the principal. She was a big supporter for me. I will be working closely with her as I help jr. high students learn to write 5 paragraph essays and other types of writing.
So, I am very excited to be part of this staff. I have a lot to prepare for and a lot to coordinate, but I love teaching and I love reading and writing, so it is perfect for me! I feel very thankful that God allowed this to happen, that he found a full-time opportunity for me even though I was lucky enough to get a half-time position teaching both subjects.  I can’t wait till August.

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