Intentional December 2016 Goals

It's the last month of the year. Stay intentional with your goals in December!

It is the last month of the year. The last month to really focus on my mission statement for this year: Be Intentional, Have Contentment, and Bloom Where You Are Planted. Before I go over November’s goals and share this month’s goals with you, I wanted to look back over the year and see how I’ve done.

Overall, I think I have done a really good job keeping these things in mind. I didn’t set New Year’s Resolutions because I wanted to do monthly goals. I knew that would help me concentrate and keep my mission statement alive. Although there were some months that I did pretty poorly with my goals, as well as being content, intentional, and blooming where I was planted, I have to say that overall, I did a good job. This was a tough year: moving in with my parents, Justin losing a job, getting pregnant at a bad time (although we didn’t know it at the time), moving to Texas away from family, having a hard pregnancy. But, we’ve come through happy. I feel more content that I have in a long time. I have friends here in Texas and feel that I am blossoming. I also try to be intentional with my time…although sometimes that’s super hard this pregnancy. But, I want to consider this year a success with my mission statement.

Even though I didn’t set any resolutions, I did have year long goals I wanted to achieve with my blog:

1) I want to get all my social media platforms to at least 500 followers each. | I got close…Instagram and Pinterest are about 450 followers…but, I really didn’t focus to much on intentional growth, really, just organic growth.
2) I want to start offering different variations and levels of virtual assisting, | I signed up for UpWork and have been making about $200 a month being a virtual assistant to BeYOUtifully Made, doing some blog designing, and writing a lot of freelance articles. I’ve even opened up an Etsy shop! I know that’s not virtual assisting or freelancing, but it is a work from home “business.”
3) I want to successfully run a blogger exchange, as well as a link up. | Didn’t attempt this…I’ll try next year.
4) I want to transfer to WordPress. 5) I want to redesign my blog–on my own. | I’m putting these two together because they both did get done, but I didn’t do them. Madison from Grace and Vine Studios transferred me over to WordPress and redesigned my blog for me in February. I loved it! She also kept with me for a while after, giving me tips and advice as I helped April from BeYOUtifully Made transfer her blog over as well (and I redesigned it for her).
6) I want to improve my blog photography and image creation skills. | Organically, I have. I’m being more intentional with my photos and some easy photoshopping through online programs. I have also focused a lot on image creation skills by making a lot of prints and opening my Etsy shop.
It's the last month of the year. Stay intentional with your goals in December!

How I Did in November

Blogging & Work

Make and complete plan for opening my Etsy shop. | Complete: The Morrell Tale Design is open for business! Make sure you check out this giveaway–Friday the 1st is the last day to enter!!

Earn $300 in freelancing. | No…closer to $200. But, that’s ok. Some months are going to be slower than others.

Stay caught up with blogging and free lancing. | Off and on.


Workout 3x a week for at least 20 minutes | Nope nope nope. I’ve had a lot of pain this past month…and a lot of fatigue. But, I did do a lot of walking….

NO SNACKS AFTER RHYS GOES TO BED | Nope nope nope nope nope. I suck at this.

Marriage & Family

Finish Morrell ornaments | Complete! Once my MIL sends us all our packages, I’ll share my ornament and the “How-To” on the blog…in the next week and a half!

Try 2 new recipes | Nope. But Justin did with cooking our first Thanksgiving turkey! It’s the first year in our married life that we didn’t go to family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Make a nesting list and schedule it out to prepare for Evelyn | Done, and I’ve started to check some of it off.

3x tot school a week with Rhys | No, but I did create two file folder games for him…I’ll be making a lot more and will launch a whole line after the new year on my Etsy shop!

2x a week game night with Justin | We did very well with this the second half of the month–just about every night we played either Rummikub or Mario Party.

Personal & Religious

Finish the Old Testament | Done! Now working on Preach My Gospel before I head into the New Testament. My goal is to be done by February.

Finish 4 books. | Done! Did 4.5! Here are the book reviews!

Order a 2017 planner | Done! Last year I used Passion Planner, this year I used Erin Condren, and now next year I’m going to use Plum Paper!

December Goals

Blogging & Work

  • Get up to 200 followers on my Etsy shop’s Instagram
  • Get up to 100 favorites for my Etsy shop
  • Get at least 5 bloggers to collaborate with me for my Etsy shop–sign up here if you are interested!
  • Make at least $250 freelancing
  • Get all of January posts ready–which includes finding guest bloggers for my “maternity leave”


  • Exercise or walk at least 15 minutes straight for 3 times a week
  • Don’t go over 200 pounds before having this baby!
  • Have a healthy delivery
  • No more Pepsi and cut down on sweets (I know that’s going to be super hard during the Christmas holiday)

Marriage & Family

  • Have game night or intentional bonding time with Justin 3x a week
  • Have a big date before the baby comes
  • Spend at least 30 minutes of intentional electronic-free time with Rhys each day
  • Finish deep scrubbing and organizing the house and setting everything up for Evelyn’s arrival

Personal and Religious

  • Write in my journal every Sunday, if not more during the week
  • Write at least one thought down during scripture study each day
  • Teach Rhys about the Nativity story and the true meaning of Christmas

What are your goals for this month? How have you been intentional? Have you been successful in your year-long goals or resolutions?

Tayler from The Morrell

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Congrats on your etsy shop!

    I love that you’ve looked back on your entire year in this post. Monthly goals help me stay more focused than resolutions too.

    Good luck with your goals this month. Mine are already totally out of whack since my husband and I both picked up a dreadful cold in London. We’ve been home less than a week, and our house is still a disaster. I did just 30 minutes of light cleaning yesterday and felt so lightheaded from the exertion. This weekend is the only one all month we’ll be home, and I was hoping to clean everything AND decorate. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen at all.

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