Intentional Marriage Goals | #LoveBlog Challenge

It’s National Marriage Week–perfect timing since it’s right before Valentine’s Day. It’s such a great time to focus on trying to be more intentional in your marriage.

My motto for this year was to be intentional. I also had some intentional marriage goals this month. But, Justin and I have had some serious talks about being more intentional in our marriage in all aspects of our lives. We really want to bring out the best in each other and really tackle any obstacle and trial thrown at us strong and together.

Intentional marriage goals for 2016 to make our marriage stronger and happier

Focusing more on the Gospel in our Marriage

Christ is at the center of our marriage. We want to do better at recognizing and highlighting that. We are going to make a huge effort to read scriptures together every day, as well as do our own personal scripture study. We are also going to make a huge effort to go to Church every Sunday for all three hours and not use “not feeling well” as an excuse. We believe that as we come closer to Christ, we will come closer to each other.

Communicate Far More Often in our Marriage

This is our biggest weakness. We both want the best for each other, but we don’t want to nitpick. Because of that, we sometimes never bring things that we need to up. Feelings fester and we sometimes we get cold and distant. We want to be open books to each other from now on.

Spend Time Together Without Electronics

My weakness is social media. Justin’s is video games. A typical night is putting Rhys to bed, then watching Hulu/Netflix while I blog and Justin looks at sports stats or plays videogames. We want to spend intentional time with each other–go on walks, just talk, play board games or videogames together, or watch a show with no distractions.

Focus on Health in our Marriage

Neither of us are happy where we are in health. If we feel better about ourselves, we can help each other improve as well. We are going to eat out less often, make better food choices, and be more active with each other and push each other.

Push Each Other in our Marriage

Marriage is supposed to be two people bring out the best in each other. We are too content with the way things are. Because of that, not only are we not improving ourselves, but we aren’t helping to improve each other. We are going to be verbally and actively involved and encouraging to each other.

What intentional goals do you and your significant other have? How are you celebrating National Marriage Week?

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