Justin’s 23rd Birthday

So, I had been planning Justin’s birthday for about a month and a half.
Finally, yesterday, it happened! And, according to him, it was a great success! YAAY!

The first part was was my actual gift:
Edward Elric’s Full Metal State Alchemist pocket watch!
Justin loved his pocket watch!
Then, the next thing we did, was hop in his car. I was giving him directions to the activity I planned for him…it was in Salt Lake County. It is right outside of his mission, but he had absolutely no idea where we were headed…until we turned into the parking lot: Hogle Zoo!
Neither of us had been to a zoo for years. We walked around and looked at all the cool animals. It was awesome to look at the monkeys! That is always my favorite part!
I thought these guys were the cutest by far!
The most important reason that we went, was so I could take Justin to a Bird Show. Justin loves birds of prey: falcons, hawks, owls, etc. He would love to be a falconer…so, I decided to get him as close to the birds he loved as possible.
The birds flew literally right above our heads. Look at the left of the picture.
We saw both a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle. They were big birds and gorgeous at that.
The birds were trained to take money for donations. Justin gave the bird $2.
The show was so amazing. The birds were trained to music, sweeping from all angles to fly right above our heads. Parrots and macaws spoke and answered questions. A macaw drank out of a water bottle, then threw it on the ground and a raven picked it up and placed it in a recycling bin. AMAZING! So cool! We both had the time of our lives at that show!
Afterward, I took Justin to eat at his favorite restaurant: WINGERS!
We were so hungry, the food was gone in like 10 minutes or less. It was yummy and smothered in Winger’s sauce.


Justin loves his birthday ice cream.
After Wingers, we took a nap to rest our legs and our stomachs. Then, Justin used his birthday money to buy some video game stuff. =) We went home and watched some Full Metal Alchemist and played video games. What a great day!

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