Life with a Toddler and a Baby | Guest Post

Even with all the trials of having a toddler AND a baby, it's so totally worth it.

I still can’t believe that I really, truly have two kids! I’m glad that they are 2.5 years apart. I think that’s a perfect age. My sister and I were 2 years 10 months apart. And, I know plenty who have done 2 under 2 or 3 under 3. They are heroes in my eyes. So, when Alysa said she was going to write a post about her baby and toddler, I was really excited to read what she wrote!

My daughter was 10 months old when the pregnancy test showed two lines.  Due to a number of events, we couldn’t tell how far along I was, so we had a really big guess as to when the due date would be, but my daughter was going to be approximately a year and a half old when the new baby was to be born.  My first thought was, yikes! Am I really going to have two babies under two??! That seemed like SO much.

Even with all the trials of having a toddler AND a baby, it's so totally worth it.

My son is now 7 months old, and I have to say that life with two is pretty great.  It obviously has tough moments, such as when the baby wants to be held, but you need to put your toddler down for a nap, or get them something to eat, but you make it work.  You sometimes feel like your time and attention is so divided between two little people who need you SO much and in very different ways, but at the same time, your heart just feels like it’s bursting full of love for them both.

My favourite thing about having two little ones is how much they love each other.  Now that my second is 7 months old, he is starting to be able to do things with his sister a little more.  He’s still got a way to go before they’re playing together fully, but I’m so excited to see them play together.  And my toddler, wow, she loves her little brother immensely.  She’s constantly trying to wipe his mouth, or bring him a toy.. even if it’s just to take the one that he was playing with at the time.  She also LOVES giving him kisses and hugs.  If he’s upset, she wants to comfort him.  If he’s eating, she wants to say “hi” right in his face.  Seeing how my daughter has adapted from being an only child to being a big sister has been the most amazing thing.

But this business of having a toddler and a baby isn’t all giggles and hugs, there are some hard things about it, too.  I find that it takes about a million years to get all of us ready to go anywhere.  It can be quite a big production and we need to time that production perfectly with nursing otherwise we have a very unhappy and hungry little boy.  It was not as bad in the summer, but now that it’s winter, it truly does take a really long time.

Bedtimes, too, can be a challenge.  We usually tag team the effort, but there have been times when I’ve done the bedtime routine by myself, and usually everyone cries at all parts of bedtime.  Plus, it’s so easy for either of them to wake up the other one, and then it’s back to square one with cuddles and putting them back in their beds.

I love my little family, and it’s so much fun to watch them grow up together.  They say that the best thing you can give your children in life is each other, and I couldn’t agree more.


Alysa is a 30-something mama of two from Winnipeg, Canada.  She has a degree in Recreation Management and Community Development from the University of Manitoba and she would like to one day run her own event management business.  For now, she spends all her time with her babies and her husband of almost five years.

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Wow! You have your hands full, but seem to balance it well. My cousin had an 11 month old, then had a set of twins (so 3 under 3 for quite some time). I can’t even imagine! You ladies are amazing!

  2. How wonderful! It sounds like you have your hands full but it’s a blessing for sure! My boys will be 2.5 years apart and I’m excited for a baby and a toddler!

    1. My mom told me that the news station in Utah actually did a study about the perfect age gap between siblings and determined that 2.5 years was the best! High five for us!

  3. Oh man, I can relate to this so much, Alysa! My two are 19 months apart — and are now almost 3 and 14 months. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but it has been so much fun and a huge blessing!

    1. It’s definitely been hard for me, but seeing all my friends who are loving life right now with two close to each other gives me hope.

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