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I have written so many posts about being content and focusing on the little things. More than anyone else, I’ve written those posts for myself. Especially after having been diagnosed with PPD and Depression/Anxiety, But, even though it’s a weakness for me, I do find that when I reflect back and realize the value of and my love of the small things in life, I feel so much better. It is equivalent to keeping a continuous gratitude list.

Especially this past week, when I’ve focused on the small things life has gotten a little better and happier through the rivers of tears and clouds of melancholy.

Put some more love in your life by finding contentment and loving the little things that happen around you and to you. Your view on life will become so much brighter and full.

* Rhys always makes me smile. He is so funny, and he knows it. He will do something silly, look at me and laugh, and wait for me to respond with laughs.

* Rhys has been super cuddly recently, and it’s been really nice, because they have been so therapeutic.

* We are trying to teach Rhys not to (playfully) hit the dogs, so we’ve been sending him to “timeout” (a specific chair in the house). When we tell him to go to time out, he’ll immediately go and sit down in that chair. Sometimes he’ll fuss and yell, but he won’t move off the chair. What a good, smart boy.

* The weather has been so nice, recently.

* Rhys and I went running earlier in the week, when it was super windy, but Rhys was just happy to be outside.

* Rhys has been loving playing in the backyard, and I love watching him.

* Justin left little notes that said, “I love you” for me last week when I was feeling down.

* Justin and I have been playing a lot of Mario 3-D World on the Wii-U together.

* When my new ward’s Relief Society presidency came to visit me, they talked about starting up a Mother’s Group…that was an answer to a prayer–I’m in desperate need of a mother’s group.

* Seeing the blue sky with no clouds!

* Finishing Hope Unfolding by Beck Thompson. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and I sent it to a friend who I know needs it as well.

* Getting really into the first 30 pages of a Tudor historical fiction novel.

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What little things do you love?

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  • I’m glad that mother’s group has come as an answer to your prayers!

    • themorrelltale@gmail.com

      Thanks! It’s great to meet new moms!

  • Woohoo for good weather!! Getting outside is so good for the mind, body, and soul! So glad you and Rhys have been able to enjoy some time outdoors!

    • themorrelltale@gmail.com

      It’s been nice! And now…it’s snowing again. Sigh! Make up your mind Utah!