#LoveBlog2017 Day 2 | Crushes

Who are your actor, superhero, religious, political, historical, etc. crushes?

I have had so many crushes throughout my life. Just about every grade, I had at least one. College was insane with crushes…I mean, it was BYU after all…women go there to get their M.R.S. degree (haha!). Today, for #LoveBlog, we are going to be talking about crushes.

But first of all, obviously my crush every day of the year is my husband, Justin! So, I decided I thought it’d be fun to give you my “crushes” in other topics.

Who are your actor, superhero, religious, political, historical, etc. crushes?

Blogger Crush — Currently, it’s Brooke from Silver Lining Blog and Danica from Danica Holdaway. Brooke has a daughter my son’s age, and twin 6 month olds. She is a beautiful photographer and always is so positive about family life. She is an inspiration to peace and contentment. Danica is very down to Earth and open and honest. I actually met her on study abroad. She’s sarcastic, but very reflective. I love reading her inspirational posts and reading her hilarious tweets!

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Sitcom Crush— Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. He is sweet, romantic, loves to learn, and a little bit of a dork. I love that in men! Read more on why I like him here.

LDS General Authority CrushPresident Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He is known as the “Silver Fox” of Mormon leaders. He is such an eloquent speaker and truly knows the Gospel of Grace. I love reading and listening to all his talks!

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Historical Crush–Owain Glyndwr. He was a Welsh rebel against the English crown from 1400-1414 (basically the Welsh Braveheart). He rallied Welsh forces together to try to take their country and their crown back from the English.

Mythological Crush–King Arthur. I am so obsessed with King Arthur! So brave, so strong, so valiant, so …..sigh. I love him. I love learning about him.

Political Crush–Haha. Haha. Haha. None.

Actor Crush–Neil Patrick Harris. I know he’s gay, and married, and a father. But, he’s so cute and that devilish smile is to die for. He’s also such a great, adorable father–I follow him on Instagram and he just dotes on his twins.

Super Hero Crush–I love Captain America. He knows what he stands for and isn’t afraid to stand for it. And, he is adorable.

Scriptural Crush–Ammon. He is a Book of Mormon prophet. He taught and baptized many into the church. He is very humble and glories in God.

Author Crush–Robert Jordan, the author of Wheel of Time. I love those books so much!

Who are your crushes?

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  • Oh what a cool idea! I love your answer for political crush. lol Also, I went to a small Christian university that’s affiliated with the church of Christ and everyone said girls went there to get their “MRS” degree too! haha

    • Yaay for Christian colleges! 😉

  • I feel you on NPH. Once upon a time, I daydreamed about landing a small role on HIMYM as one of the women he hits on. Just because I wanted NPH to flirt with me.

    My political crush would be Justin Trudeau. Besides the fact that he’s physically attractive, did you see how sweet and understanding he was when Prince George didn’t want to high five or shake hands? There’s nothing more attractive than an adult who knows how to talk to kids and who respects their boundaries.

    • Hahaha! That would be so fun to have done as an extra on HIMYM!

      • Laurisa

        I had a crush on NPH when he was Doogie Howser, MD. Oh my goodness I totally just dated myself there. I now adore him on A Series of Unfortunate Events.

        • I can’t wait to watch it!

  • Laurisa

    Super Hero crush? Thor. All the way. He would also be my actor crush. 😉

    • He does have a pretty sexy smile!

  • my favourite is your political crush. I actually lol’d :p

  • Rory

    Mythological crush: King Einon from Dragonheart. I know he was ruthless and evil according to our society, but in his day and age that was the way things were. That movie had Arthurian legend in it. I plan to get The Old Code tattooed on my right side.

    • I LOOOOVED Dragonheart!

  • Alessia

    Blogger crush Two men about town… ALL THE FOOD!
    Sitcom Crush – Greg from Crazy Ex-GF. He is just 💙
    Christian Leader – Bishop Mark Davies (Shrewbury), I could listen to him preach or say Mass the whole day and every time he would do it with the same love and enthusiasm of when he was first ordained
    Historical Crush – William Pitt the Younger
    Mythological Crush – Lancelot (I like tragic loves…)
    Political Crush – Where do I start? I feel like a traitor not naming my local MPs whom I know very well but I think my ideas tend to be most closely shared by Michael Gove…and of course I’m the generation who is the legacy of David Cameron!
    Actor crush – currently rather partial to Andrew Garfield after his interviews about preparing for Silence 😳
    Super Hero – Probably Captain America too (film version…)
    Scriptural Crush – King David, always
    Author crush – I’d say Oscar Wilde

    • Lancelot was pretty great!

  • Ashley Ziegler

    My actor crush right now is Schmidt from New Girl. allll the heart eyes

    • He’s a funny guy all right.