#LoveBlog2017 Day 21 | Celebrations

Celebrations don't have to be for big events. Focus on the small. That will always cheer you up!

Celebrations don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be for big accomplishments or event. They don’t have to be big parties. Celebrations can be for things you love. Having become a wife and a mom has taught me a lot about celebrating the little things. It’s taught me to focus on the little things in life. Life has become a lot more fun by celebrating the small moments.

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Celebrations don't have to be for big events. Focus on the small. That will always cheer you up!

Celebrating Milestones

With a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old, there are so many milestones that are continually happening. I love watching them learn to figure out their bodies and how to act more like a big kid.

  • Rhys putting his clothes on himself or taking them off himself
  • Rhys going #2 in the potty for the first time ever
  • Evelyn rolling over
  • Evelyn clasping her hands and bringing them together
  • Evelyn sleeping 5 hours straight at night

Celebrating Physical Development

While I don’t have a preemie or children with physical disabilities, I do have a daughter who can’t pass a bowel movement herself. So, anytime she poos by herself, even if it was a scorch mark, we celebrate it. And, she smiles. (There will be a post later with more detail about her trials she’s had.)

Celebrating Learning & Personality

I love to encourage my kids. I think it is very important to do so. Not only do I celebrate to help improve my children’s self-confidence, but I genuinely get excited when they do something new or learn something!

  • Evelyn being able to coo back in different tones and pitches
  • Rhys saying a new word (even if the pronunciation is horribly mangled)
  • Rhys tracing a letter of the alphabet
  • Rhys recognizing his numbers and counting by sight
  • Rhys creating something with his Legos completely from his imagination
  • Rhys creating a new joke or game
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Celebrating my Husband

It is very important to not only support your husband, but to celebrate him, too. We celebrated when Justin got a new job. I congratulate him on every good project, presentation, compliment from his bosses, and new assignment that he gets. I’m always proud of him when he accomplishes the goals that he sets for himself.

Celebrating Myself

Self-care has recently become part a big part of my life. I’m learning to give myself grace. I’ve also realized in the past few years that one of my love languages is words of affirmation. Not just from others…I need to be able to give myself words of affirmation. So, I celebrate myself. When I’ve had a good day, when I’ve been productive, when I’ve worked out, when I’ve made dinner, when I’ve gotten a new freelance contract, when I’ve sold a different lesson plan, I celebrate. And, as a loving husband does, Justin will always celebrate right along with me.

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What do you celebrate?

Tayler from The Morrell Tale.com

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  • Yes! It’s so important to celebrate small victories. They are the stepping stones to big victories!

    • Exactly! And it just makes each day a bit more brighter!

  • Thanks for this reminder! So much more than big accomplishments deserves to be celebrated!!

    • Yes, because the little things are what are important in life!

  • Rory

    How do you pronounce your son’s name? There’s a Welsh actor who has the same first name as him. He played Spike in Notting Hill. Small victories are wonderful, and deserve just as much praise as the big ones.

    • We pronounce it “reese”. Are you thinking of Rhys Ifans? I’m part Welsh, so I decided to give my kids Welsh names: Rhys Michael and Evelyn Morgan.

      • Rory

        I am! He’s a great actor. I like that name because of the unusual way it’s spelled.

  • These are all great things to celebrate. I think there needs to be more celebrating in life!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Such great reasons to celebrate! And, celebrating self, LOVE that and need to practice it more!

    • Yes! Self love and self care and self celebration are all important, I’m finding out!

  • Love it! It is so important to celebrate the little things, not just the big ones!

    • Exactly! Little things make the big things!

  • I LOVE the positive nature of this post! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thanks so much, Christine!

  • I love celebrating every little thing. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate!

    • Exactly! It just makes life happier!