#LoveBlog2017 Day 3 | Fictional Couples

Fictional couples have a lot they can teach us about love.

Yesterday, I talked about my crushes, including some of my fictional crushes. Well, today, I’m going to talk about which fictional couples I think are great together and good examples of real and fictional love.

Fictional couples have a lot they can teach us about love.

Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother sitcom

These two are super cute. They met each other freshman year of college, fell in love, and then seven years later, got married. They were completely monogamous the entire time! Marshall doesn’t even think about other women (and is often teased about that). Now, they aren’t a perfect couple–they definitely have their spats, and sometimes run away from each other and their issues. But, they always find a way to come back stronger than before.

Faile and Perrin from Wheel of Time series

Faile is basically the feminist of the series! She is a bounty/treasure hunter and doesn’t let men tell her how to do anything. She is very take charge. Perrin, on the other hand, is very soft-spoken. He is big, strong, and has wolf senses/powers. He is unsure sometimes, and humble. Faile basically wears the pants of the relationship. She loves her “big lug” and helps him take control of his potential. When Faile was captured, Perrin did everything to get her back. He finally found his backbone because of her.

Starfire and Robin from Teen Titans (not to be confused with the stupid new Teen Titans Go!)

Through the entire series, the animators tease the romance between Robin and Starfire. They care for each other deeply. When Robin was blackmailed by Slade to do his dirty work, he would fight the rest of the Teen Titans, but not Starfire. Starfire always trusted in Robin. Finally, they got together at the very end of the series ending movie, Teen Titans in Tokyo.

Elinor and Edward from Sense and Sensibility

I just love both of their personalities. Elinor is very rational and cares deeply for her sisters and mother. She supports them and always thinks ahead. She is also very humble and doesn’t dare to admit her feelings for Edward. He is shy, but affectionate and passionate. I love how their relationship blooms from friendship to admiration to respect and love.

Belle and the Beast (Prince Adam) from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is my absolute favorite Disney princess. She is sees the potential in the beast–his insecurities, his underlying kindness. Beast loves Belle desperately and will do anything to protect her. I love all of their portrayals, the classical Disney animated movie, their portrayal in the TV series Once Upon a Time, and their characters in the video game series Kingdom Hearts. I can’t wait to see the new movie this year!!!

This is by no means a final list. There are many other fictional couples I love and emulate.

Which fictional couples are your favorites? Why?

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  • I did a similar post today, which also included Lily & Marshall! They’re so sweet.

  • yes!! I love Marshall and Lily <3
    I also love Summer and Seth from The OC, Finn & Rachel from Glee, Anne & Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables <3 so many!!
    i love this series btw

    • I just barely read the first Anne of Green Gables and it’s super sweet!

  • Belle is my absolute favorite too! I love that she didn’t just take the easy route and marry Gaston who was desperate for her. She’s not cool with his jerkiness and doesn’t care about his looks. Instead, she falls for The Beast despite his looks. Because she looks past that and sees the wonderful prince on the inside. I am STOKED for the new movie. Also, fun fact, and I’m not joking… I am listening to the song “Beauty and the Beast” as I type this. I’ve been listening to a Disney playlist all day and that song came on just as I started typing this comment. Fate. lol Now I’m gonna go start it over so I can really listen. lol

    • EXACTLY! *fangirl!!!*

  • Marshall and Lily are a great choice! They had their ups and downs but they survived! And they were better than Robin and the dozen or more guys she was paired with throughout the series. She was a mess! I watched all that and was so disappointed by the ending, although looking back now, I guess it made sense.

    • I know, I hated the ending too!