(Mis)Adventures of Labor Day Weekend

First of all, wowzie am I stressed–6 lesson plans per day to prepare, 2+ paper per student to grade every day, last weekend full of adventures, this weekend taken up my Comicon, family moving into town this week, laundry, shopping…too, too much to handle! 
So, I apologize if I get a little behind on the blogging community. I still haven’t read some posts from Tuesday! Yikes!
But, I want to share with you Justin and my (mis)adventures from Labor Day weekend! Justin’s sister and her family live in Virginia, BYU was going to play UVA, and his parents and other sister were driving up from Georgia. Perfect opportunity for a vacation!
I took Friday off so we could fly to Virginia (a sub taught for me). We got up super early that morning to get to the Salt Lake City airport. We check in and board our early morning flight. 
Boarding the plane, we saw this cute little guy:
I discover there is, in fact, no free wi-fi like they used to offer on few Delta flights. So, lesson planning went down the hole. But, I was able to grade a bit. So, a pretty boring flight (I didn’t even think to bring a book because I thought I’d be so busy lesson planning). I also got a huge headache. Let’s just say the flights continued in that pattern: bored and headache getting worse.
We landed in Virginia around dinner, got a rental car, got dinner, and headed down to my old hometown, Stafford! I was so excited to be back in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia area again! But, the headache was turning into one of the top 3 worse headaches I ever had. We quickly toured Stafford: my two homes, my highschool. Then, headed to Charlottesville to Justin’s sister and quickly went to bed after.
My headache is gone! Miracle of miracles! Because this day was the day I ran my first race ever! Now, I am a runner. I like to run. I consider it fun and yes, it helps me maintain my weight. Well, with school starting, I’ve been stressing on that and haven’t been working out. And I was to run a 4 miler….in humidity (which I’ve never run it–I didn’t run in high school) and with hills. Jill (Justin’s sister), is a racer. Her daughter is starting to follow in her footsteps. So I was a little nervous. It also didn’t help that I had a terribly upset stomach that morning! But, I ran it. I loved it! The first two miles was pretty, but the hill at mile 3 was the hardest for me. I am very disappointed in myself by admitting that I walked about 100 yards up that hill to the next drink station. Poured that on me, turned around, and finished the last descent and ascent to the finish line. With no training and new conditions, I am proud to say I finished 4 miles in 38 minutes! Woot-woot! I immediately called my dad who is a marathon runner to tell him. And then I realized I was shaking all over and could barely walk!
We all got cleaned up, grabbed some Chick-fil-a and rested. Then, Justin, his parents, and I donned our BYU gear, Jill’s family donned their UVA gear and we headed to my very first tailgate. It was with Jill and her husband’s friends, so Justin and I had no idea who anyone was, but we ate food and Justin talked football, and we were happy.
I was very excited to go to my very first football game ever! During college, I worked for Concessions, so I was always at the games, but never watched because I had to work. At the beginning of the game, the stadium was about 3/4 UVA fans, and 1/4 BYU fans. Mormons and BYU students from Utah came, as well as Mormons from all over the East. 
Then, at the end of the 1st Quarter, it was announced that everyone would have to leave the stadium due to severe thunder storms in the area. One the one hand, I was excited because I have missed Virginian thunderstorms. Yes, Utah has them, but they aren’t nearly as beautiful or amazing or powerful at Virginia’s. So, we left (went down into the underpasses of the stadium) to wait out the rain. And boy did it rain. No one’s wi-fi really worked, texting and calling was even difficult. Many left to seek shelter in their dorms or cars. There was supposed to be another storm on its way, but it went another direction. There was also an issued tornado warning. Pretty intense weather!
Finally, after about 2 and a half hours, we were able to sit back down and the 2nd Quarter resumed. Weirdly, Justin and I bumped into a friend of ours from our apartment complex as singles! We sat with him during the 2nd Quarter until it started to rain again. So we moved to other seats in the stadium that had shelter because a lot of people had left. After the rain, after half-time, only 2/3 were UVA fans now rather than 3/4ths. They could go home and watch, but BYU fans traveled and we were going to stick it out (if you look in the picture right above, you can see we are in a sea of blue!).
Yes, BYU lost. Yes, many people (including Justin) were upset about it. Yes, we were razzed. But, I don’t really care for football politics and stats. I just had fun!
First of all, I trip the fire alarms throughout the house while showering. It was lukewarm with no visible steam and the fire alarms tripped! Crazy! Jill and her husband hate them.
We went to 1 hour of church, then back home because Jill and Corbin were hosting a BBQ for their friends who had traveled to see the game. The food was delicious! I ate so much chicken! Thanks Corbin for making me gain like 5 pounds on Sunday!
We pack up and leave. I wanted to get some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast because it is soooooooooo much better than Krispy Kreme. But, the two closest locations, according to our GPS, took us to not Dunking Donuts. The first was a residential neighborhood house. The other was a random business. So we went to Panera, instead. I actually had a gift card from 2008 when I drove a couple friends to school every day. But, I haven’t been able to use it because I moved to the West. Well, guess what. I left it at home in Provo! Bah!
About 15 miles later, I saw a Dunkin Donuts, so I made Justin turn into it. We had already eaten, but I didn’t care. I wanted a Dunkin Donuts crueler before I left Virginia. I ate it and was in ecstasy.
The flight home was pretty uneventful. The drive home was pretty uneventful. We stopped at Winco to buy some groceries and by the time we left, there was a pretty heavy thunder storm. We were about 10 miles from home and had to drive in a torrential downpour, our windshield wipers going as fast as they can, about a centimeter of running water on the streets, in the dark. It was kind of scary. Not going to lie.
But we finally got home, no worse for ware, unpacked and went to bed. 
Only to discover the next day I lost my wallet at Winco. It took until Wednesday to get it back.
So, sorry for the long post, but there is our interesting and fun (mis)adventure in Virginia!
Headed to Comicon tonight and tomorrow! Super excited! Have a great weekend and wish me luck in grading and lesson planning!

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  1. Ugh, driving in a super hard rainstorm is no fun at all! And flying tends to be boring even if you have activities to keep you busy! But it's a good thing you got to accomplish several of the activities you wanted to accomplish!

  2. so I had no idea there was ever free wi fi on planes. I. thought once you were in the air they charged you your first born child for it. who knew. too bad you didn't bring a book though. planes are boring.

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