Why, yes…that is Ronald Reagan shooting an AK-47 riding a velociraptor holding an American flag.
I dedicate this picture and the student ramblings to Justin’s best friend, Steve Samson!

I am always intrigued as to what my students say in their writings. Some times, it is exactly what I would expect from hormonal pre-teens. Sometimes, it is such a revelation, I believe I am in the midst of wonder. Sometimes, I raise my eyebrow thinking, “and this student is in middle school?

I have previously posted about some of my students’s writings and my friend over at Black With a Chance of Cheetah has as well.

For about a month now, my 7th grade Utah Studies and 8th grade U.S. History students have been learning just about the same thing. At the beginning of the semester, new students filled my classroom for their first semester of Utah Studies. We begin by learning Utah’s Geography as well as what it means to be a citizen in Utah. My 8th graders finished the Revolution right after Christmas break ended, so they have been learning about the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

Well, my 7th graders had an essay on their test (I know, I’m a terrible middle school teacher…a history essay? Yuck.) Their prompt was :What are some rights and responsibilities we have a citizens of Utah? What does that mean to you?

  • I wouldn’t say I “won’t” pay taxes but I sure don’t like
  • In Utah it is a responsibility to pay our taxes. We have to
    with everything we buy. And if we buy something without taxes it is called the
    black market. And we dont do that.
  • Also if you don’t pay your taxes you are done for.
  • Live peaceably is a very important right because I don’t
    want some guy to throw grenades at my house.

My 8th graders have several bellringers and writing prompts that I give them (I can’t help it, I like to read/write and I love my students’ creativity). One prompt was: What is the most important amendment from the Bill of Rights?
  • Our rights are what protect us from the governments full
    control over the US.  For one example,
    Uncle Sam cant just raid your house. 
    They have to get a search warrant or else they could get in trouble for
    unreasonable search & seizure.

Another prompt was: What are some responsibilities we have as citizens of the U.S.?
  • Another [responsibility] is to be responsible.
Teacher friends: What are some of the funny things that your students have written? Danica, I’m sure you have some similar social studies ones. Bon, I know you must have a treasure trove of hilarious publishings by your students!
Parental friends: What are some of the funny things that your children have said?

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