My First Kiss–Throwback Thursday

Today is yet another awesome Throwback Thursday, hosted by Bonnie over at Life of Bon.
Today’s topic is:
In Mormon culture, we advise the youth not to date until we are 16. This is to try and protect our teens and to allow them to become friends before they worry about dating. The youth still have a lot of fun activities and programs for both genders. Strong friendships are created and parties happen all the time. When they are 16, typically we socially date–meaning we go do fun activities, we aren’t serious in relationships, group dates are the norm. Sometimes, after age 16, teens do become a couple; boyfriend and girlfriend. That is perfectly ok.
And, sometimes, we “date” and “go out” and have “significant others” before we are 16.
I was one such girl. I had a “boyfriend” named Ben. He was barely a year older than me and we started “dating” when I was 14. 
“Dating”= calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, sitting with each other, IM’ing/calling each other, holding hands, hugging. 
No more, no less. No dates, no physical-ness.
We dated on and off until I was 16. 
That year was hard for Ben. He and his father had some issues and so Ben was going to live with his Uncle for the summer, across the entire country. I was devastated and sad. This was my first love. I was 16. We had been on one date (on my birthday) and now he was leaving! I hadn’t even had my first kiss!
Ben invited me over and his two “psuedo-sisters” (some of my best friends) and we watched the Bourne Trilogy. The whole time, Merissa and Amina were on the other couch, and kept sending me signals, and Ben separate signals. Ben and I cuddle and held hands tightly, knowing our time was running out.
Near the end of the 3rd movie, my mom came to pick me up. This was it. It was the last time I was going to see him.  
We all got up and headed upstairs, out of the basement. Amina and Merissa gave Ben a knowing look and rushed up the stairs. 
Holding my hand, Ben hesitated and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. We mentioned how much we’d miss each other and how much we meant to each other. Then, he said, “Tayler, I want to kiss you.”
 Ben gently took my cheek in his hand and bent down to kiss me (he was much taller than me). But, he was shaking. I was his first girlfriend and his first kiss as well.
We kissed. Less than a second. It wasn’t even quite a peck. 
And you think first kisses are awkward? I wasn’t even sure that counted as a kiss. 
But, it was what it was. 
I beamed. He beamed.
And awkwardly, we headed upstairs to meet Amina and Merissa’s devious smiles.
And that was my first kiss.
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Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. This is so sweet! I'm glad you have a good first-kiss story. Mine was weird and involved a very awkward spin the bottle game at a birthday party! ha. I don't think it counts.

  2. haha, I think I totally agree with first kiss stories all being majorly awkward. My first kiss was with Angel, and lasted for about half a second, ended with us both laughing because of the awkwardness and continuing being just friends until like 8 months later he called me and said, "Do you ever think about the time we kissed?"
    Moral: Don't kiss your friends, they might decide to marry you.

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