My Sister is Now a Teenager

I am the oldest in my family…which means there are still teens living at home with my parents.
My youngest sister is Paige and she just turned 13 today! She is officially a teenager!
As a 13 year old with two sisters in their 20s, it is very important to be fashion forward. Paige has a plethora of clothes, shoes, accessories, and hair things that I can find on any fashion blog. She even watches Project Runway with me! So, in honor of her birthday, we decided to do a little photo shoot with her favorite outfit.
Isn’t she great? She definitely knows how to warm up to the camera, whereas I stand there awkwardly with my hands on my hips and a goofy smile. She can also wear colorful and floral pants…I can’t! Paige has taught me many things about fashion, including a hairstyle that I use constantly–the French twist for bangs.
Paige is also very, very talented. She is a ballerina, very crafty, and plays the flute.
Paige can sew…well, she can crochet and quilt, and I think she can do other sewing projects. Before my family moved to Utah, she was part of a sewing club at her elementary school and they created all kinds of cool projects. Paige, like our sister Madison and our mom, is very crafty (whereas I got skipped over with that gene). For Christmas, Paige made that bracelet for Madison. She looked through countless magazines to find words that described Madison and doing some crafty something or other, made it into a really cool bracelet that is Pinterest worthy! Paige has also helped to fix some of my jewelry as well as make her own. Someday this girl will have a very successful Etsy shop. But she’s only 13 for now. Paige can also paint. She created this bird water color for our mother for Mother’s Day.
Paige also plays the flute and as a 7th grader was recently invited to be part of the local high school’s end of year band concert! She is also a very, very smart kid. She loves soccer and has read many American Girl and Little House on the Prarie books. She was very helpful to me this year as I actually taught kids her age. So, when I wasn’t sure about an activity, I just thought if Paige would like it, or be able to do it. 
I love you Paige! Happy 13th birthday!

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • This is so nice. Isn't is strange to have your baby sibling start getting grown up and more intelligent than you in some areas? Happy Birthday, Paige! You don't know me, but I love your sister to pieces!

  • What a sweet post.
    Happy Birthday to Paige!!