So, I got “tagged” in a post; therefore, I have to follow the rules. Thanks, Danica!!

Here are the rules of the challenge:
1 – you must post the rules.
2 – post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post
3 – answer the eleven questions the tagger set for you in their post
4 – create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
5 – tag eleven people and link them on your post
6 – let them know you’ve tagged them!
11 Fun Facts About Me!
1) Last night, when Justin asked me what movie I wanted to watch, I said I wanted to watch “Live Free or Die Hard.” His face was one of surprise, but excitement.
2) Zucchini is probably my favorite vegetable ever! I try to find ways to incorporate it in all my dishes.
3) I have been working on the same fantasy novel since 7th grade. I promise SOMEDAY it will get finished and maybe even published.
4) I think that interviews are the scariest things ever. I may seem calm and relaxed, but I am always freaking out on the inside, no matter what the interview is for.
5) I have lived in 11 different houses during my life.
6) I am currently watching my first soap opera ever–Twinkle Twinkle–it’s a Korean comedic soap opera.
7) I can hold my own in video games against my boyfriend and his friends.
8) Besides being on campus for class and work, I think I spend more time at my boyfriend’s apartment than I do my own.
9) I never thought I’d ever consider dating someone with a lot of scruff…but now that I am, I have to say, I like it.
10) I love to rollerblade, I haven’t done so in more than 5 years. =(
11) Researching is actually fun for me–I love learning about new things.
Danica’s Questions:
Last book you read?
 Mockingjay–the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It is soooooo intense, I love it!!!!
Favorite song right now?
Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum. It is OUR song.
Favorite place to shop?
Wet Seal. Over Thanksgiving Break, I spent over $100 there on cute clothes. They have amazing stuff. However, Papaya also has cute, cheap clothes on its clearance rack.
Best purchase ever?
Plane ticket to Wales two years ago for study abroad. That is also where I met Danica!
5) Most embarrassing moment, please.
When I was 14, I had a tankini. I felt very mature wearing it. My family and I went to an indoor pool resort-type place. I decided to try the boogie-board wave ride thing. However, I fell off, and the waves caused me to have a wardrobe malfunction!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! I have never worn a two-piece since then.
First kiss story. May NOT be the same as #5.
I was 16. It was the last day I was going to see him all summer, so me, him, and my two best girlfriends (who were also close friends of his) watched the entire Bourne trilogy. Then, as my mom came to pick me up, the two girls rushed up the stairs in front of us, winking at him. It was awkward, but we pecked. That was our first and only kiss while we dated.
7) Grossest food you’ve ever eaten?
Danica can probably attest to this–black pudding. YUCK!!! Congealed blood made into a pudding-type cookie. DISGUSTING!!! We tried it in a pub in Cardiff.
What is your next vacation? What are your plans?
Going to Georgia with my boyfriend after finals in April. My plans are to meet his family and enjoy myself.
Favorite blog that you follow?
My darling Tashya’s hilariously drawn blog: Those Weird Heims.
Danica’s inspiring blog: Library Ninja
Celebrity you’d most like to punch in the face?
Probably any recent Disney Channel star– Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, even those like Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears. What have they done to the children of this day and age but teach them to be sluts and brats at such a young age. So disappointing.
Something you LOVE that you’re embarrassed about?
FAIRIES!!!!!!! I love fairies. At home, I have  a collection of fairy figurines. Here, I have a couple of fairy posters. I have seen all the Tinkle Bell movies, and going to Pixie Hollow at Disneyland was the best day ever.

And……I tag:
1) Natashya: A princess and my best friend ever!
2) Harley and Jane: An old roommate and her friend (they are fashion bloggers)
3) Justin: Best boyfriend ever!!
4) Savannah: A fellow historian and writer
5) Marzipan: Friend from sophomore year
6) Tim: Fellow historian and geek
7) Lexi: Roommate
8) Angelica: Roommate
9) Lauren: Dear cousin
10) Josh: Boyfriend’s ninja artist roommate
11) Ale: One of the best roommates ever

My 11 Questions:
1) What are the different boards you have on pinterest, and if you don’t have a pinterest, what boards would you have?
2) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
3) If you could travel to any time period, when would it be, and why?
4) What was your favorite Christmas present this year?
5) How/why did you chose your major?
6) What is your favorite kind of icecream?
7) What is the worst book you’ve ever read?
8) How many friends do you have on facebook?
9) What is your favorite classical painting? Show us what it is. Either post the picture or post a link to the picture.
10) Which movie character would you love to date?
11) What actor would play you in a movie about your life?
Thanks, all!

My Name

When I was in high school, I hated my real name. I didn’t feel it was creative, so I went on a search for one. Thus, Tanney was born. I used it throughout my classes, published in the Literary and Art magazine, as well as the school newspaper with it. In my Creative Writing 1 class, we read an excerpt from House of Mango Street. (read it–its really cool) Then, we were told to write our own about our name. If you are interested in seeing my 14 year-old self’s response, go to my Fictionpress page. 

Here is my new one, in 10 minutes, just a Slice of my Life…and yes, you may be able to see my real name! Lucky you!

Tanney. Smiles–that what it is. Smiles, and an aura of orange. Playful, passionate, creative, unique, a-follower-of-her-own-drum-beat. 
Tayler. Smart, academic, tom-boy. Determined teacher. Finally found her self-confidence.

I have a duel personality. In high school, in my classes, I went by Tanney. On my sport teams, I went by Tayler. My fellow writers knew me as Tanney. My fellow church members knew me as Tayler.

Tayler (Old English)–tailor. Bethany (Hebrew)–house of God. Christiansen (Danish)–son of Christian. Go even further–Christian–> one who believes in Christ. My name holds new meaning to me now. I am a Christian, my body is a temple, the Holy Spirit lives within me. 

Tanney (no origin)–me! There is no nickname for Tayler. Tay-Tay gives the connotation of a toddler just beginning to walk, stumbling around in a pink tutu. What would I call myself in a world of Katie’s,  Kathy’s, Kat, Jess’s, Jessi’s, Brit’s, Maddie’s? 
Tayler + Bethany = Tanney. It took a while, but the equation worked. 

Lo, and behold, I loved tangerines. Oranges, tangerine, clementines, mandarins, citrus fruit drinks, citrus starbursts, citrus suckers, citrus candles. I loved it. Tanney–short for tangerine.

Youthful. Tanney encompasses my youth, allowing me to be forever young, while Tayler allows me to grow up and experience new places. Tanney holds my imagination, Tayler holds my ambition.

Together, I am a formidable foe, a determined dame. 

Footloose in the Locker Room?

I ran to the exercise facility building today. There is a small workout room in the girl’s locker room where I planned to work out. However, before I went into that room, I wanted to do some lunges as a cool down from my run.

The best place: at the very back of the labyrinth that is the locker room. It was long enough….and it was empty. For some reason, I feel embarrassed doing lunges in front of other people.

So, iPod still in my ears, I walk down row after row of lockers, looking both ways, seeing girls change into swimsuits, or sitting in front of mirrors getting dressed. Further and further I went down.

At the very end, I began doing my lunges down a row of lockers, being careful not to capsize into the wooden bench in the middle (which I do often–capsize). However, halfway down, I had an urge to jump on the wooden bench and dance, do some fake gymnastics, then jump from one wooden bench to the other. The only reason I resisted was because my legs were heavy as lead after the run and lunges. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure all the girls in the locker room would have seen a version of this:

Why I Run

It is 3pm.
I am done with classes for the day, and I don’t have work.
It is cold and slippery-slick outside.
I have a massive load of homework and my student teaching application to fill out.
I am recovering from a cold and still hacking up my lungs.

What do I decide to do?

I go running.

Yes, I am insane.

I like to consider myself a health nut, but the truth is, I’m not a nut…maybe a legume of some kind, but not a hard, salty peanut. I don’t want to train for marathons like my dad. I do not participate in track.
So why do I run?

I thought about that today while I was changing my school clothes for my running gear. It began when I graduated high school and moved away from all I knew. My dad is a marathon runner and my younger sister was a varsity cross-country and track runner as a high-school freshman. I guess I was inspired by them and wanted to do better in keeping myself healthy and active.
In highschool, I used to go to work to relieve stress. I worked at a fast paced, family oriented pizza buffet and it kept me on my toes.

Now, I think that my reasons for running has changed.

I run because I can. I am healthy and fit enough to exert my legs. I run because I play volleyball and soccer and want to be at my peak.
I run because I like a challenge. Every day I try a different speed, or a different length, a different incline, or I include a couple stairs or suicides.
I run because I like the high–I feel good afterward, especially if I run without stopping once. The pink tinge it gives my cheeks, I feel makes me attractive. I run for self-confidence.

I run because I am stressed. I realize that now. I run because for the 45 minutes, I am only focusing on one thing–keep my body moving. Keep my feet plodding, listen to the music in my iPod cheering me on, keep my breathing steady. I can forget about everything elese–school work, work, challenges, social life, everything.

But, ultimately, I think I run because it is adventure. I don’t run on a track–I run outside, around the town. I take a different route everytime. Running, I am smooth. I am the wind. I am flying.  I am an adventurer, discovering new places, new people.

So, yes. Call me insane–I agree. But, I run because I want to.

BTW…this is my new mantra. I have it hanging on the wall in my room.
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The Magic of Fairytales

I love Disney movies! I grew up singing the songs, wishing I could find my own Prince Charming. I love reading fairy tales–Grimm’s (very grim–hahaha), fairy tale revamps like Ella Enchanted, what happens after the “happily ever after” like Just Ella.

Last semester, in my Young Adult Literature class, I had to read this book:

This book’s twists on fairy tales was very interesting to me. It intrigued me and got me thinking over the break about why we like fairy tales even as adults. What is it about them that hooks us?

My boyfriend and I have been watching a new show called Once Upon a Time.

So, I decided to go look online and try to see if I could find why we are so interested in fairy tales as adults.

I found a writer’s blog about Why We Love Fairy Tales. Read it–he does a great job describing why.

I would also like to add that I believe that we also love fairy tales because we don’t necessarily want to grow up. Fairy tales were stories that taught us morals and gave us hope when we were kids. Now that we have to deal with adult issues, we want to escape. We miss the simple days of hero defeats evil and gets the girl. But, now that we are adults, we understand many of the underpinnings of fairy tales, the holes in the story, we want to discover motive–why, why, why, why?

We want to explore the simple things of our past and understand them. We ask “What if?” That is why have so many revamps, that is why we have so many retellings.

We want to rediscover.