Top Posts of 2017

The Top 10 Posts of The Morrell Tale for 2017, the top post per month, and my favorite posts of the year.

This is always one of my favorite posts to do at the end of the year. I love stats. I don’t like using them, I don’t like marketing or making strategies…that’s my husband’s job — data analyst. ** Wait! No I have a perfect idea! I’ll make Justin do some data analyzing for me to help me figure out marketing strategies, etc for 2018 to grow my blog!!!** But, I do like looking at stats and seeing patterns.

So, here are the top 10 posts of 2017, per month, as well as my favorites.

The Top 10 Posts of The Morrell Tale for 2017, the top post per month, and my favorite posts of the year.

Top Posts of 2017

  1. How to Have an Inexpensive Wedding (This was published in 2016 and has been a viral Pin!)
  2. How to De-stress While Pregnant (This was also published in 2016 and is a semi-viral Pin!)
  3. Lessons Learned from Disney’s Hercules (This was published in 2015)
  4. Evelyn’s Birth Story
  5. Tater Tot Casserole
  6. Lessons Learned from Disney’s Tarzan (This was published in 2014)
  7. Breastmilk Isn’t Always Best
  8. How to Celebrate Your Anniversary When You’re Apart (This was published in 2016)
  9. Lessons Learned from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame (I wrote this in 2013 and it’s been a top-viewed post since then)
  10. How I Make My Apartment Smell and Look Clean

Top Posts Per Month in 2017

January | Evelyn’s Birth Story (duh!)

February | Love Blog Day 1: Valentine’s Day

March | Stop It.

April | Bloggers Have Social Anxiety, Too

May | Eggo Waffle Ice Cream Bar

June | Tuna Casserole

July | Things I’d Never Thought I’d Do as a Mother

August | 5th Anniversary 

September | 100 Days with VIPKID

October | 10 Ways to Celebrate Real Self-Care

November | 10 Ways to Experience the Christmas Season with Young Children

December | DIY Welsh Merry Christmas Ornament

My Favorite Posts from 2017

In no particular order:

Dealing with a Speech Delay

Breastmilk Isn’t Always Best

Evelyn’s Newborn Photoshoot

Evelyn’s Birth Story

Stop It

Easy Lettuce Wraps

How Evelyn’s Trouble with Bowel Movements Taught Me About the Atonement

Tater Tot Casserole

Bloggers Can Have Social Anxiety, Too

Newborn Photo Session | Sariah Rose

Eggo Waffle Ice Cream Bar

Editing Photos with BeFunky

Things I Never Thought I’d Do as a Mother

You Don’t Have to be a Big Blogger to Be Successful

My Go-To Modest Summer Mom Outfit

100 Days with VIPKID

Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve

10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

What are your favorites posts from The Morrell Tale in 2017?

Evelyn | One Year Old

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Dear Evelyn Morgan,

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

My little one, my baby girl, my princess, my sweetheart. How is it that you are already a year old? It was just barely Christmas and I blinked and now it is Christmas again. How have you grown up so fast? I swear, you turned a year old faster than your brother did. Although I am so happy you are growing up, part of me wants you to stay my baby girl forever.

One look at your sweet smile, and I melt. You are so precious to. I admit, I wasn’t the best mother the first few months of your life. I suffered pretty deep postpartum depression and anxiety. To be honest, I hardly remember from Christmas until Easter. But, whenever I look at you know, I feel nothing but love–pure, unadulterated love.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

You are already emerging into a wonderful girl. You love to cuddle, which is the exact opposite of how your brother was at this age. I relish anytime you give me a hug and lay your head on my shoulder. That is a little piece of heaven for me. You are very social, just like your Daddy, with a smile always on your face. I can tell you are already getting stubborn just like your Mama and I fear for us come your teenage years.

Evelyn, you mean so much to me. I feel our family is complete with you. You fit in so well, but you definitely round out our family. We are whole because of you.

Love, Mama.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Weight | 19 pounds 12 ounces

Height | We’ll find out in a few days.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Eating | You have 3-4 bottles of 6 ounces of formula. But, now, we get to switch you to whole milk! Yaay! No more buying expensive formula! Rejoice! You are still a picky, picky eater and somewhat of a grazer. But, you are more and more aware of when you are hungry or thirsty, and we are beginning to catch onto those cues as well.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Sleeping | You sleep through the night about 75% of the time. Otherwise, you’ll wake up between 3-6 am. We will give you a bottle to have in your crib and expect you to fall back asleep until at least 6 am. Unlike your brother, who had to be rocked to sleep completely for naps, if you don’t fall asleep in the rocking chair, you do pretty well on your own. If I give you a pacy, a doll, a blanket, turn on the music machine and tell you to go to sleep, you do within a few minutes. Sometimes you take forever to go to sleep for nap time, instead, preferring to play quietly in your crib. But, you are content. You still take two naps about an hour or two each. However, lately, your morning nap schedule is getting rearranged because Rhys’s 25 minute speech therapy sessions are a half hour at the beginning of your nap time. And, now that we are on vacation, your sleep sucks.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Milestones | Movement: You are still running. You love to climb up stairs, but you have absolutely no idea how to get down. You love to climb on everything. You have also started to bounce up and down to dance or show your excitement.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Communication:  Just recently, you have started a screech/grunt to show your disapproval or disgust. You are learning you have a say and you don’t have to like or enjoy everything. You can say “Mama” and “mamee” (Lamby–your favorite doll). Daddy is still trying to get you to say “daddy” but without success. I’m trying to get you to say “uh oh”, but no tries. You wave goodbye, hi, and night-night. You understand when and why to clap.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Playing: You want to do whatever Rhys is doing and play with whatever he is playing. You love it when he pushes or pulls you around in a box or blanket. Chase is a new favorite game and you understand when to be chased and when to chase us. You love taking things out of containers and putting them back in. Blocks and stacking rings are another favorite of yours.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Personality | You are really beginning to be a Mama’s girl. You love Daddy, but sometimes, you just want Mama. If I even head toward the door, or leave a room, you start to fuss. But, besides separation anxiety, your stubbornness is starting to become apparent. You are still our happy, smiley girl, but you are becoming more aware of your other emotions as well.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old


  • dolls
  • bathtime
  • drinking out of sippy cups and water bottles
  • chocolate
  • playing with Mama and/or Rhys
  • Little Baby Bum nursery songs
  • clapping

Evelyn Morgan is one year old


  • meal time
  • people touching your face or mouth
  • Rhys taking things away from you or not letting you play with a specific toy
  • Mama and Daddy leaving

Evelyn Morgan is one year old

Continue to grow into a wonderful, bright, loving, cheerful girl, Evelyn Morgan. You are the sunshine in our lives. We love and adore you. Happy birthday baby girl.

Evelyn Morgan is one year old Evelyn Morgan is one year old Evelyn Morgan is one year old

DIY Welsh Merry Christmas Ornament

Nadolig Llawen. That means "Merry Christmas" in Welsh. Easy DIY Welsh Christmas flag ornament.

It’s my fifth year making an ornament for my mother-in-law’s DIY ornament exchange. I love doing this with my new family. It’s so fun to think of and create different ornaments each year. They have all meant something special to me. This is why when I came up with the idea for this year’s, both my husband and I were surprised that I hadn’t thought of it previously!!

Nadolig Llawen! Celebrate a Welsh Merry Christmas with this easy DIY Welsh flag Christmas ornament!

If you have been here for any length of time, you know that I am obsessed with all things Welsh: the language, the culture, the history, the mythology, everything. I studied abroad in Wales SEVEN years ago! My mother-in-law likes it when the ornament we create has a story behind it. My first year, I made an ornament based on my favorite Christmas song. My second year was my favorite Christmas story. My third year was my favorite Christmas prophecy scripture. My fourth year was my longing for Utah. So, when I was trying to come up with an idea for this year, and I thought of Wales, I was flabbergasted I hadn’t thought of it before. Continue Reading

#LighttheWorld Day 21: Feed the Hungry

#LighttheWorld Day 21: Feed the Hungry

“For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat.” (Matthew 25:35 LJV).

The past few years, the LDS church has been trying to Light the World in December–just different ways we can spread the Light of Christ during this special and holy season. Today is “Feed the Hungry” and this type of service holds a special place in my heart.

Continue Reading