How Evelyn’s Trouble with Bowel Movements Taught Me About the Atonement

You don't really understand how much God loved His children to give His only Begotten Son up, nor do you realize how much Christ loved us to take upon Himself all the sins the pain of the world, until you become a parent. Especially a parent whose newborn daughter can't pass bowel movements by herself.

As you know, I only breastfed Evelyn for four days. I felt completely at peace with that decision, as did Justin. It was best for our family situation to have Evelyn drink from a bottle and to save me from the pain and stress of nursing. However, there have been numerous days these past two and a half months that I have thought I made a terrible mistake. Especially when it came to Evelyn’s bowel movements.

See, the problem is that Evelyn can’t poop by herself.

Ever wonder why Christ would take upon Himself all the sins and pain of the world? Try having a daughter who can't poop by herself and you'll understand! Continue Reading

Discover March 2017 Goals

Discover is the word of the year for 2017. Make sure you work toward discovering something new in your life.

Birthday month, Valentine’s Day, lots of rain, lots of doctor visits, too much take out and Pepsi and peanut M&Ms. That’s what February looked like. Plus, a few of my friends gave birth this month, so it was really exciting to see brand new baby pictures again. Evelyn is 2 months, but she doesn’t look like a newborn anymore! I can’t believe it! And, I missed St. David’s Day! It was the first time in almost 7 years that I didn’t celebrate it. That just means I’ll have to make some leek and potato soup and the Cornish pasties later this month to make up for it.

Discover is the word of the year for 2017. Make sure you work toward discovering something new in your life. Continue Reading

Reading Roundup | Feb 2017

Book review for At the Pulpit: LDS Women discourses.

Sadly, I was only able to read one book this month for Reading Roundup, but it was a great one! Just like last month, I was again contacted by the LDS Church Historian’s Press to review a book. *I received this book free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.* Even more than the book I got last month, I was so excited to read the book I got!

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Evelyn | Two Months

Evelyn is two months old: she is a master at rolling over, loves cooing and talking to everyone, drinks bottles like a champ, and much more!

Dear Evelyn,

It seems like you have been part of our family for much longer than two months. We have started to fall into a pretty good routine, although I am still struggling a bit to balance freelancing, blogging, and spending time with you and Rhys. We have started to figure out your cries and your needs. You have definitely started to show your personality quite a bit. We are so excited to see you growing and learning.

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