Discover May 2017 Goals

Discover is the word of the year. What are your May goals?

April was hard. Well, it wasn’t necessarily hard. It was sick and humdrum. Rhys got bronchitis, I got a really bad cold, Evelyn had an ear infection, and Justin has a bad sinus infection that is turning into an ear infection. Tot school was put on pause for quite a bit. There was a lot of TV and Wii-U. There was a lot of cleaning marathons. There was a lot food that shouldn’t have been eaten. Evelyn began a sleep regression.

But, it was also a good month. We went to Utah for Easter and to have Evelyn blessed. The weather has been nice, pretty much the same as March. Evelyn started scooting around. Rhys started adding verbs to his “sentences”. We started potty training and have been pretty successful. I got some new clothes that actually fit me well. We went to a Rangers game and Six Flags.

So, although goals may not have been focused on, there were many memories made–and that’s what is important.

Discover is the word of the year. What are your May goals? Continue Reading

Reading Roundup | April 2017

Reading Roundup April 2017: Book reviews for Everland by Wendy Spinali and The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

So much for focusing on my bookshelves for the reading roundup. Haha. Last time we went to the library to get books for Rhys, I decided out of the blue to look at the YA novels to see if anything caught my eyes. A few things did, so I grabbed them. Plus, I had to read a book for my church’s book club.

But, what surprised me, even more, is that Justin spent almost every night reading a biglong fantasy adventure book called Theft of Swords. He had wanted to read it for a long time–friends said he would love it. Many, many, many, many months ago, he bought it. Slowly, but surely he made his way through it, the majority being this month. I can’t tell you how sexy it was to see my husband who hates reading do nothing but read in the evening! My dream of having my husband and I read in bed together came true! He finished and now has bought the second book.

Just goes to show you, “The only people who don’t like reading are those who haven’t found the right book yet.” Continue Reading

Evelyn | Four Months

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Dear Evelyn Morgan,

You are four months old–1/3 of a year old! You still seem so small (although a church friend just had a baby 5 days ago and you are so big compared to her newborn daughter!).

A lot has happened this month: going to Utah for Easter, dealing with a lot of infections for your brother, and you getting your very first ear infection the day before we flew home! Your sleep schedule has also been off for a bit, so I think you are slipping into your 4 month sleep regression. But, despite all this, you remain the happiest, smiliest baby ever.

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz (6th%)

Height: 24.75 inches (63rd%)

Eat | You eat about 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours. You have been trying to hold your bottle often, although, you typically end up pushing it out of your mouth. Everything is being put in your mouth now. We also gave you your first bowl of baby oatmeal. You really liked the flavor and would get mad and yell if I didn’t hurry and put another spoonful in your mouth. However, you had a really hard time figuring out how to actually use your tongue and mouth to eat it. You kept trying to grab the spoon out of my hand and succeeded a few times!

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Sleep | Daytime: You are getting a bit better with your naps. You have about 3-4 nap a day, and they average about 50-90 minutes. Sometimes, your afternoon nap is about an hour, sometimes it’s still three hours. You still sleep with white noise during the day.

Nighttime: You slept through the night twice–10:30-7:00 and 11:00-6:45! Hallelujah! However, other than those two, your sleep has gotten worse. You still are put down at 7:30 with a full bottle and dry diaper. However, you wake up every now and then and need to be rocked back to sleep up until 11 when we feed you again. Then, you’ll wake up anytime between 1:30-4:00 to feed again. Then, you’ll never fully settle back down into a deep sleep. The rest of the night/early morning, you fuss and toss and turn. Which means, I’m basically up from your middle-of-the-night feeding. We are going to switch your pack-n-play into the closet in May when we are doing our spring cleaning to see if that will help. We are also going to start a 5-10 minute pause to see if you will settle yourself down. Once you gain a few more pounds, then we will begin Ferberizing sleep training.

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Milestones | Tummy Time: You enjoy tummy time now. You love to be on your tummy just watching Rhys play. You are also good at turning your direction whether you are on your tummy or back. Turning 90-180* is how you much. Inchworming hasn’t even crossed your mind yet. You roll over both ways.

Focusing and Tracking: You are very good at this. You will follow any object, even small as a raisin. If you want it, you will definitely reach for it, with an excited look on your face, and your feet kicking. With your playmat, you concentrate hard and grab the hanging toys with your feet. You have even started turning your head to find who is talking.

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Communication: Smiling is your favorite thing to do. You also have started to differentiate between your coos and yelps when you are bored, tired, frustrated, hungry, etc. You love socializing, especially with other kids and little girls. We have to work really hard to get you to laugh, but you have started doing it. The little girl that looks like you in the mirror is fast becoming a friend and object of interest.

Hands and Legs: You love grabbing your toys and immediately bringing them to your mouth. You have started to put weight on your legs when we stand you up.

Personality | You are a very calm and content baby, so much so that sometimes I think you have fallen asleep in the car because you don’t make a peep! However, you typically are awake when I check on you! You also are very happy when you wake up from your naps–always smiling and contently playing with your feet. Rhys, however, would always scream immediately for us whenever he woke up at that age. You love to just sit on our laps and watch the world go by.


  • Hands and feet
  • Bottles
  • Momma, Daddy, Rhys
  • Everyone else
  • Watching
  • Playmat toys
  • Showers with Momma
  • Splashing with your feet in the sink


  • Waking up at night
  • Being hungry, or having a bottle taken from your mouth
  • Getting frustrated or stuck

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

You had a few mini-growth spurts this month and are now officially in 3-6 month clothing. You poop all by yourself now and many times a day. There have been a few times I haven’t even noticed it until I smelled it because you didn’t strain or grunt at all! You love to cuddle and have the brightest blue eys and the biggest smile I have ever seen. You are my princess and I love dressing you up. You have an auburn tint to your hair, just like me, and I pray that it stays that way.

We love you baby girl and are so proud of you (just try to sleep better at night!).

Evelyn Morgan is four moths old

Love, Momma and Daddy

Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tot casserole is absolutely delicious and easy to make when you are craving some crispy tots!

Tater tots are some fo the best things in the world. Seriously. I love eating any tater tot. McDonalds and Chick-fil-a have amazing tots for breakfast. And, Sonic’s tots are to die for…especially their chili cheese tots (they were one of my favorite cravings when I was pregnant with Rhys).

I was recently craving tots…no I’m not pregnant. But, I didn’t want to have just plain old tots. I also really wanted shepherd’s pie. So, I decided to make shepherd’s pie with tots.

When I was a kid, I remember my mom making it a lot. I would always eat the inside first and save the tots and cheese for the last. Best for last after all. I was super excited to make this recipe for me and my boys.

Justin really enjoyed it, as did Rhys. He typically doesn’t enjoy the texture of tots–he loves fries, but doesn’t like hashbrowns or tots. But, Rhys ate his entire portion of tator tot casserole.

Tater tot casserole is absolutely delicious and easy to make when you are craving some crispy tots! Continue Reading