Stop It!

This topic of judging others could actually be taught in a two-word sermon. When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, please apply the following: Stop it!

Last week, I went to Wal-Mart to exchange some workout shorts I had gotten in a wrong size (sigh…postpartum weight problems). I considered myself lucky because there was only one person in line at Customer Service. However, looking over at the actual registers, there was a long line wrapping around all the registers for the self-checkouts and the “20 items or less” lines. I was glad I didn’t have to deal with that.

As the man in front of me was being helped, an older white woman who had a slight European accent came up and asked the young employee to talk to whoever was in charge of the store. Immediately, I rolled my eyes inside my head–probably an irritated senior citizen going to complain about a product and wanted to talk to the higher-ups.(First way I was being judgemental)

While she waited, she turned to me and said, “Tell me, what do you think happened to our rights? Am I not to be treated well? I’m a citizen here and what happened to the rights of the citizen?” Continue Reading

Easy Lettuce Wraps

Easy lettuce wrap recipe with ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

The first time I ever had lettuce wraps was when my roommates took me to P.F. Changs. It was so delicious and crisp. It is now one of my favorite appetizers to get whenever I go to Chinese restaurants. But, I always figured it was super difficult to make, like every other Chinese dish.

Justin is also always begging me for “greasy Chinese food.” But, 1) I don’t want to spend the money and 2) I don’t want the greasy part. And now that it’s getting warmer, I start craving more fresh and crisp foods, like lettuce!

So, after researching numerous recipes, I realized that I could make lettuce wraps very easily and very quickly.  Looking at what ingredients I already had in my kitchen, I came up with this super easy recipe for lettuce wraps. The best part of this entire recipe? It’s only 3 steps!

Easy lettuce wrap recipe with ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

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Disney Lessons | Wreck-It Ralph

There are many lessons about self-worth, self-identity, prejudice, and judging in Walt Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. It is a perfect family movie to learn from!

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a Disney Lessons post. So, I thought I would do one of Justin’s and Rhys’s favorite movies: Wreck-It Ralph! Justin absolutely loves this movie because it is about video games! He loves pointing out to me all the different references and Easter eggs in the movie. Rhys really loved the action and the characters, especially Ralph and Felix. He’ll do a “hulk-smash” movement for Ralph and mime a hammering motion for Felix. I love the movie not only because of the video game world, but also because of the lessons that are involved–it’s a great movie for children and adults alike. *Includes spoilers!*

There are many lessons about self-worth, self-identity, prejudice, and judging in Walt Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. It is a perfect family movie to learn from! Continue Reading

The Transition to Two Kids

Lessons I Have Learned In the Transition to Two Kids

I am almost three months into the transition to being a mom of two kids. I have two under three. There are many, many times I think and wonder to myself and out loud, “What were we thinking having them this close apart?” But, most often, I’m glad that Rhys and Evelyn are closer in age (by four months) than me and my little sister.

I will be completely honest. I have absolutely loved these past three months. I have learned so much about myself and my little children. But, I have also had an extremely difficult time transitioning as well. Part of it has to do with missing my family and the support I got in Utah. Another part was suffering some postpartum depression. But, the biggest was the stress and anxiety with Evelyn’s bowel movement issues.

However, I would never take back these three months. I don’t regret them. They have changed me, and I hope for the better. Continue Reading

How Evelyn’s Trouble with Bowel Movements Taught Me About the Atonement

You don't really understand how much God loved His children to give His only Begotten Son up, nor do you realize how much Christ loved us to take upon Himself all the sins the pain of the world, until you become a parent. Especially a parent whose newborn daughter can't pass bowel movements by herself.

As you know, I only breastfed Evelyn for four days. I felt completely at peace with that decision, as did Justin. It was best for our family situation to have Evelyn drink from a bottle and to save me from the pain and stress of nursing. However, there have been numerous days these past two and a half months that I have thought I made a terrible mistake. Especially when it came to Evelyn’s bowel movements.

See, the problem is that Evelyn can’t poop by herself.

Ever wonder why Christ would take upon Himself all the sins and pain of the world? Try having a daughter who can't poop by herself and you'll understand! Continue Reading