Place Your Bets!

Today, we find out whether we are having a son or a daughter, so place your bets!
What do you think we are going to have–boy or girl?

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  • Yay! So exciting!

  • There seem to be many baby girls popping up all over the place. But I'm having a boy, and we're so similar in every other way. But if you have a girl, we could plot being related some day. But I'm just excited for you no matter what. 🙂

  • My guess is boy!

  • I say girl!

  • Girl!

  • Tanney, I've been waiting patiently long enough! Hurry up! Get to that appointment, get those nurses to hurry up, be excited with Justin, tell your family, and then let me know!

    Sincerely, you're overly excited for you since she considers you a sister anyway friend Tashya

    PS. I love you. 🙂

    • Um… ignore the awful typos and junk in there. Why isn't there an edit button for comments?

  • I vote boy! Can't wait to hear!

  • Gah! I wish I would have seen this before I saw your IG post.
    SO EXCITED for you and Justin!