Platinum Dental Review

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Last week, I had the absolute amazing, life-saving opportunity given to me by Platinum Dental in Provo, Utah.

At the beginning of the school year, I only signed up for health insurance (as that is an absolute necessity) and eye insurance (because it was less than $10 per paycheck and I need a new prescription). I didn’t sign up for dental because it was expensive.

Well, that was dumb on my part. During the winter, some of my molars started to bug me when I ate cold/sugary food, especially chewy candy, which caused an issue because fruity chewy candy was a pregnancy craving of mine. Sharp pain would radiate in my gums above those teeth. Finally, it got to the point where I searched an inexpensive (out of pocket) place to get a cleaning and exam.

Bad news…I had 3 cavities.

I was down-trodden. I knew fillings were expensive and I wouldn’t be able to change my policy until August! Luckily, I was emailed by Platinum Dental only a week later asking if I’d like to do a review for a free cleaning and exam….That was bittersweet. I just had one done. But, I emailed them back asking if they’d be willing to do discounted fillings for a review instead. I didn’t think they would because it is expensive work, but what a nice surprise when they said they would for half off!

From the very start, Platinum Dental was amazing and the workers were awesome and on the ball! They called me  right at home to set up an appointment. Then, when I mentioned I just had an exam from another dental office, they asked which one and called themselves. Typically, that’d be up to the person to get the dental office that information, but the receptionist talking to me called herself! Then, she called me right back to finish setting up the appointment. Wow! I’ve never had any medical/dental/etc office take that responsibility upon themselves and to answer back with that speed!

When my appointment date came, I was ushered right into a room. The dental assistant was very friendly and kept a conversation going as new xrays were taken and while we waited for the dentist.

Now, I was very nervous. I have a low pain tolerance. The last time I had a cavity, I was like 10. The last time I had dental work was getting my braces off in 9th grade. That was a long time ago. But, the novacaine shots weren’t painful like I remember them being. They also had a little bridge/block to help keep my jaws open.


The dentist worked very fast. I thought I’d be in there for at least two hours since I had 2 3-sided cavities and 1 2-sided cavity. But, he worked fast and efficient. I was given a perfect dose of novacaine–I felt vibrations, but I didn’t feel any pain at all, not even pressure! As the dentist worked on the first cavity, he didn’t like his work, so he redid it. I love that he was honest about that and wanted to best quality possible for each and every patient!

They were done within an hour. He mentioned a few times, making sure I knew, that if there was anything wrong, or it didn’t feel right, etc. After my numbness went away, my teeth feel great and normal! Justin bought me a Lindt chocolate bar and I used that as a test. I smothered the chocolate on the teeth where the cavities were. Guess what! No pain! It was so weird to not feel anything after dealing with it more more than half a year!

I would definitely recommend Platinum Dental to anyone! They have a few locations in Utah: Provo, Wasatch, Murray, Salt Lake, and Sugarhouse!

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