Rhys // 15 Months

Dear Rhys Michael,

How the time as flown! You are already 15 months old, but you seem so much older and yet so much younger at the same time. You are turning into quite the flexible boy as we took advantage of the summer and beginning of fall. You are growing up way too fast and learning way too quickly. I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming and it never ceases to amaze me how you experience the world around you. You are my little buddy and my favorite boy. Every time I see you, every time you look at me, every time you grin your cheesy little smile, every time you squeeze me as you cuddle, my heart explodes. My love for you just keeps growing and growing and growing.

As glad as I am at how quickly you are growing up, because I absolutely love the toddler age and stage, I am regretting it at the same time. I miss watching you sleep in my arms and wiggle your limbs, trying to figure out the world around you. You are too smart for that now, and you can’t sit still, just like your Momma. It’s making me a little baby-hungry even though I am loving the one-on-one special time that we have together. But, whenever Daddy and I decide to give you a little sibling, you will still be my first-born and hold a special place in my heart.

Height: 30 inches
Weight: 22.5 pounds
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde, with hints of strawberry. very fine and thin, and a little wavy
Teeth: 6 (4 top, 2 bottom)

Sleeping: You sleep for about 12-13 hours a night from 7pm until between 7-8:30am. You also take one nap after lunch for about an hour and a half. You are so good going down for both. You cry when we start taking you up to your crib, but as soon as we lay you down, you are quiet.

Eating: No more baby food. You still have at least two bottles a day. If you wake up before 8 am, we’ll give you a bottle until breakfast is made. Otherwise, you have a bottle to help you go down for your nap and to go to bed with. They are a comfort to you and you associate it with calmness and sleepiness.

Favorite Food: Berries, cheerios, chocolate, cheese, casserole, soup, fruit, peas, cheeze-its.

– Bath time–you love splashing and drinking and dunking!
– Playing outside–you always beg to go out. You bring our shoes and you always bang on the door.
– Playing with the light switches
– Watching Daniel Tiger and Curious George
– Reading books–you will point to the pictures, turn the pages, and babble to yourself
– Flushing the toilet–you have actually flushed your toothbrush down the toilet and caused Momma and Daddy a big problem with that!
– Wrestling and chasing Momma and Daddy
– Your Cosmo stuffed animal. Cosmo the cougar is the mascot for Brigham Young University.
– Having a blanket around your legs while watching TV or cuddling Momma on the couch
– Dogs, animals, babies
– Kicking and throwing balls

– Teething–you are such a terrible teether–you get ALL the symptoms and complain a lot
– Having to come inside
– When the dimmer on the lights gets stuck
– When Momma wants to shower by herself and locks you out of the bathroom

Familiar Body Parts:
Nose, mouth, head, hair, hands, belly, belly button, toes

Familiar Words and other Communication:
– Momom (momma)
– Dadee (dad)
– duh (dog)
– noh! (no–and shaking his head no)
– uh (on and off)
– nama (grandma)
– nana (food)
– mmmmm/nom-nom (yummy)
– moo (cow noise)
– bahk bahk (chicken noise)
– siren noise
You have specific grunts, wines, or yells/screams for specific things. You also use your hands to communicate as well, either pointing or reaching. You understand us very well. If we ask you to do something, get something, give something, go somewhere, or look at something, you understand and do it.

You are a very smart boy. You love to work things out and use hand-on learning and problem-solving to explore how things work. You have an excellent memory and retention. You are very independent and want to do things yourself– you want to be grown-up like Momma and Daddy and rush to join us or help us. You are very brave, sometimes even fearless, which sometimes causes you to be reckless and get hurt. You are a very loving boy–you love to cuddle us, your Cosmo, and your big Costco bear. You are also very stubborn and determined. If something doesn’t work the way you want it to, you get frustrated, but then pull me or Daddy over to help you do it until it works. If you don’t like or want something, you definitely let us know. If you want our attention, you will push whatever is in our hands away and climb right into our laps.

We love you so much, Rhys. You are just such a big boy. We can’t wait for you to keep growing up–just don’t do it too fast, please.

Momma and Daddy


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  • He is so precious! He sleeps a lot. I love that you put on the dislike "when mommy wants to show by herself".

  • He's losing some of that baby look. So bittersweet.
    Bath times are a favorite at our house, too. And showering alone? Ha. What is that?