Rhys // 18 Months

Dear Rhys Michael,

I am so in love with you. Every day you surprise me with something new that you learn or do. You are my absolute best bud and my favorite boy. I can hardly believe that you are already a year and a half old! You are so independent like your Momma and clever like your Daddy. You want to try to do things on your own first, then ask for help. You also only need to be shown how to do something once and you store it in your excellent short term memory and can do it yourself.

These past three months have been exciting and a lot has happened. We spent Thanksgiving with my family, and you said goodbye to your Uncle Bobby as he left on a two year proselytizing mission for the LDS church. Daddy and I (and Bobby) hope and pray that you don’t forget him! We spent Christmas in Georgia with Daddy’s family and although you were really sick, you had the time of your life playing with your cousins. You’ve also had your first snow and had fun playing in it, until it got on your face, and you cried with how cold it was.

**Rhys, you were such a ham when I took these pictures! I asked you to smile for the camera, and you’d give a cheesy grin. I’d tell you to go stand in front of the door or sit on the chair, and you would, again with your cheesy grin. You were such a good boy letting me take your pictures!**

Height: 32 inches
Weight: 25.3 pounds
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde, with hints of strawberry. very fine and thin, and a little wavy
Teeth: 10 (all 8 front teeth, 2 top molars) (2 bottom molars on their way)

Sleeping: You typically sleep 12-13 hours from around 7-7:30pm to 7-8am. Sometime between 11am-1pm, you fall asleep for an afternoon nap, which lasts for about an hour and a half. You are such a good boy in going to sleep, and hardly ever cry anymore…of course, we’ve gotten into a bad habit during nap time of letting you watch your kid shows until you fall asleep on the couch, then we just let you stay on the couch. 

Eating: We still give you 3 bottles a day (when you wake up, your nap, and going to bed). You don’t always finish the bottle, and sometimes, you never even drink your nap bottle, but you love to hold it as you fall asleep. You do great with meals, and we are now having to buy you kids’ meals at restaurants! You also have two snacks a day.

Favorite Foods: casserole, soup, chicken, pretzals, chocolate, ranch and ketchup, peas

– playing with your indoor slide
– trains and Chuggington
– Jake and the Neverland Pirate, Curious George, PAW Patrol, and Daniel Tiger
– watching videos of yourself on my iPhone
– outside
– light switches
– playing with other kids
– stickers

– being sick or teething
– getting frustrated or being told “no”
– potatoes

Familiar Body Parts:
nose, eyes, ears, hair, head, mouth, teeth, hands, fingers, toes, belly, belly button, butt, back

Words and Communication:
– Words you can use ASL for: help, more, please, thank you, and we are working on sorry
– Momma
– Daddy
– hees (Rhys)
– eej-uh (Jesus)
– nana (Grandma)
– chug chug (train)
– no
– yah
– uh (on, off)
– sh (snow)
– gah (car)
– ta-da!
– hi
You are very good with communication, both with words, sounds, and gestures. It is very easy to communicate with you.

Animal Noises: (You don’t say animal names, but you identify them by their noises)
– Cow (mmmmh)
– Dog (oof-oof)
– Cat (mao)
– Snake (sssss)
– Lizard (sticking in and out your tongue)
– Turkey (you gobble)
– Elephant (you make a noise while raising your hand to act as a trunk)
– Sheep (aaaaah)
– Chicken and Duck (duk duk)

You are definitely developing a sense of humor. When you think something is funny, you’ll laugh and cover your mouth with your hands. You now know how to scroll through pictures and videos on my iPhone, and are learning how to work Netflix on our Wii-U. You must shut doors as you leave the room. You’d rather play than sit and eat.You are very friendly and wave to everyone you see. You basically have free-range of our house and go where you want. You are also very helpful–you hand me towels as I get out of the shower, you love to help empty the dishwasher, you love to hand me wipes as I change your diaper, you want to turn off the lights as we leave the room, etc. 

You are such a well-behaved, happy boy. We love you so very much!


Momma and Daddy

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