Rhys is 10 Months Old

Dear Rhys Michael,

You are a wonder. You are a miracle. We are both flabbergasted just watching you grow and learn. Somedays I look at you and can just see the cogs in your brain turn as you begin to understand the world around you. Somedays I look at you and see a toddler, no longer a baby.

This month has been a pretty slow (and yet so very fast) one. Your Grandma Christiansen and Aunt Madison are your new babysitters until the end of the school year. It is so nice to have Aunt Maddie take care of you right here in our home while I’m at work and that Mamma gets some time to talk to her. And, you just love Fridays when you get to go to Grandma’s house for the day! However, the sad news is that they had the stomach flu and passed it on to you, causing you to throw up for the first time in your life. It scared you so much each time it happened. Thankfully, it only lasted 24 hours…until you passed it on to Mamma and Daddy. That was a miserable day for us, trying to chase after you while we just wanted to be in the fetal position. Thankfully, it only lasted 24 hours for us, too.

Weight: 19 lbs, 29th percentile (9 months: 17.8 lbs, 19th percentile)
Height: 28.5 inches, 35th percentile (9 months: 28 inches, 36th percentile)
Nicknames: Bucky, Rhysie-Pieces, Buddy

Eating and Teething
You have 3-4 bottles a day: 6oz when you wake up, 4oz for your morning nap, 4oz for your afternoon nap, 6oz for bedtime. And, yes, we give you bottles to put you down now. Grandma noticed that you slept longer when you took a bottle right before nap, and Mamma prefers it when you sleep 90 minutes rather than 40 minutes! You have baby cereal and fruit for breakfast, baby food or easy to eat grownup food for lunch, and mostly whatever Mamma and Daddy are having for dinner (with a little bit of babyfood) and fruit for dessert.

New, important food you’ve tried:
– watermelon (you loved it, and continued to chew on the rind after)
– marshmallows
– tempura veggie sushi (you pulled it apart to eat it)
– fried fish
– roast beef
– Campbell’s Lemon Orzo Chicken soup (you really enjoyed this!)
– chocolate icecream (Mamma and Daddy went to Baskin Robbins one night and you were reaching for it, so we gave you a few bites and you went crazy!)

You finally have a tooth! Well, most of a tooth. Your top left tooth has broken through is about 1/3 there! It looks like your bottom two front teeth are getting close to breaking through. It’s been a tough month, full of ferocious biting, gnawing, and drooling accompanied with random crying and fussing. We hope the other two break through!

Daytime: You wake up between 7:00-7:15AM. However, Sunday you slept until 8:30AM! Hallelujah! That is literally the absolute latest you have ever slept in your entire life! You take two solid naps, for about 75-90 minutes at 10AM and 2-3PM.

Nighttime: You go to bed around 7:30 PM. We have been starting to separate your bedtime bottle and actually rocking to sleep, trying to show you that you don’t need the bottle to fall asleep. So, we feed the bottle to you downstairs watching Family Feud. When you are done, you are so tired, so it takes less than 5 minutes of rocking to put you in your crib. You sleep solidly through the night!

Relationships and Socializing
You love being with your parents and your relatives. You love giving kisses and cuddles. I think I’ve had more intentional cuddles and hugs from you this month than in the rest of your life! (I hope this pattern continues!) You are very tenderhearted and love your huge stuffed bear, Big Beary. You crawl over to him and give him hugs and cuddles all the time. You’ve also started to like your stuffed animals, hugging them while you sleep. At church, you love playing with Liam and Jack, who are a few months older than you. They are much taller and heavier than you, and can both walk, but you still love them. On Sunday, you were hugging and kissing Liam and wrestling with him. You can definitely say “Hi” purposefully!

I love this funny/serious face–totally reminiscent of Daddy!

Milestones hit at 9 months:
– Smacking lips/kissing sounds
– Starting to understand simple commands
– “Testing” (testing the limits of what you are and aren’t allowed to do)
– Peekaboo

Talking and Commands
You can say “Hi” and “Nom” (yummy). You are definitely talking gibberish, and sometimes nonstop! You also have started using other ways of communicating besides screaming or crying. If you want something, you go, “mmh”. You have also learned how to growl! You understand, “No”, for the most part, but only obey for a few seconds. You also understand “Go get…”, “Come here,” and “Put it here” (with my hands showing you what to do).

Cruising is second nature to you. You love walking along furniture and walls and using your walker/pushtoy to go everywhere. You’ve also started taking a liking to using your stroller as a walker. You can climb up the stairs without a problem. You have started to stand a bit, but never for long. You don’t really like standing. But, you do love going between Mamma and Daddy walk/run/falling. You are getting really good at holding onto one of our fingers and maintaining balance while walking. But, Mamma does wish you were more confident in your standing ability because you have the ability, stamina, balance, and strength to do it all by yourself and stay standing up if only you believed in yourself.

Playing and Problem-Solving
You love playing with your cars and pushing things along the floor. You have also learned how to throw balls and love playing with them with Mamma and Daddy. You love figuring out new angles and holes to look through and put toys in. Stacking is one of your favorite things to do now with your toys. Peekaboo is one of your favorite games. You are also getting very smart at trying to find new ways over, under, and around obstacles (including army-crawling under the baby gate). You can give high-5’s, but you can’t clap.

You are definitely giving us a run for our money. You are very happy and hyper and active, always on the move. However, you are also very clingy this month. We hope that is just caused by the teething and almost reaching the giant milestone of standing/walking. You are also very calculating and observant. Your brow furrows deeply, just like your Daddy’s, when you are thinking and I love that!

– balls
– bathtime
– peekaboo
– walks/stroller rides/being outside
– Grandma’s house
– playing with Mamma’s iPhone, especially with the camera
– watching Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Family Feud

– anyone or anything that touches your gums
– wiping your face
– when Mamma and Daddy don’t pay enough attention to you

Rhys, Mamma and Daddy love you so much, that sometimes our conversations revolve around how hard it is to put into words the amount we love you. We love watching you sleep, play, eat, cuddling with you. You are the bright point in our lives; you are the smile on our lips when we come home from work. We can’t imagine life without you.

Mamma and Daddy

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  • Emilie Burke

    He looks like a little man! Too cute!

  • Thank you, Emilie!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    He is getting so big! It's insane that he's already 10 months. It goes so fast.
    The tooth finally popped in – yay!
    Watermelon is a huge favorite in our house too. And, I never thought to try tempura veggie sushi! Totally on the must-feed list. Genius.
    I cannot tell you enough how lucky you are to have such a good night time sleeper!
    Happy 10 Months, Rhys!

  • Too bad I don't like watermelon…I like watermelon flavored things, but I don't like the actual fruit! We are so grateful that Rhys is a good sleeper!