Rhys is Five Months Old!

Dear Rhys Michael,
This has been such a busy, busy month! We’ve been all over the place: Nephi, Provo, Orem, Roy, Farmington, and all over Salt Lake County for doctor’s appointments, dates, and family gatherings. You are a trooper, and the best boy Momma could’ve ever asked for!

We went down to Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachel’s for Thanksgiving. You hadn’t seen your cousins since you were two months old, and I doubt you remembered them, but you had the time of your life. Your little cousins all loved playing with you, although baby Mackenzie (13 months old) got a little jealous. You loved playing with all the new, older baby toys and exploring a new home. You also had carrots for the first time!

Weight: 14 pounds (4 months: 12.6 lbs)
Height: 24.75 inches (4 months: 24.75 inches)
Nicknames: Bucky, Rhysie/Rhysy? I don’t know how I want to spell that!

You stopped nursing on Halloween. During your 4 month checkup, the pediatrician was worried about your weight gain, so they wanted us to come back in two weeks. You weighed a pound heavier, so now you are in the 8th percentile rather than the 5th!! We’re pretty sure that you just weren’t getting enough milk while nursing. And, because of the trouble you’ve been having sleeping, and gaining weight, we went back to one middle-of-the-night feeding. In a 24 hour period, you have 6 bottles of 5-6oz and 2 servings of rice cereal. For the most part, you drink your entire bottle. We’ve started buying the Kirkland brand of formula at Costco to save money, and it foams a lot when we shake it to mix it. You don’t like the foam.

You absolutely love eating. Momma will sit you on the couch while she prepares your food. Then, as I walk in and you see the food, you smile and get excited. While eating rice cereal, you make sounds like “Mmmmh”. You tried carrots during Thanksgiving weekend, but you spit up a lot (and it was orange), had terrible gas at night, and pooped a lot. So, we’re going to hold off on solids other than rice cereal for a few more weeks and then try again. In the past few weeks, you’ve also (for the most part) gotten better with the volume of spit-up you have.

Daytime: You are beginning to stay up longer–1 hour 45 minutes of wake time is your average. The past few weeks, you are also getting much better with naps and take an average of 3 one hour naps a day. Sometimes, you’ll even have a two hour nap! During the weekdays, you’re nap schedule is a little weird, but I blame my middle-of-the-day work schedule. You’ll take a morning nap, then skip your mid-morning one, but fall asleep after lunch. Then, in the early evening, you’ll take a short catnap before bed. However, during the weekends, you have a morning, mid-morning, and afternoon nap. Although it’s been hard for your Momma’s Type A personality, I am learning to go with the flow of your “schedule” which has reverted to just a routine. I am working, you are with a babysitter 5 hours a day, and you’ll be fine. When I get out of school in May, then we can work on solid (yet still flexible) nap scheduling. You are also doing better falling asleep on your own. I’ll rock you and sing your favorite songs, and when you are half asleep, I’ll put you in the crib. You immediately roll onto your side, sometimes grab your lovie, and fall asleep on your own.

Nighttime: You definitely had the 4-month sleep regression and it took its heavy toll on Momma and Daddy. But, you are getting better! We still do the 5-10 minute pause. You go to bed anywhere between 7-7:45 (depending on when we start the bedtime routine), and will wake up anywhere between 1-5AM. We’ll feed you and immediately put you back down. You are getting much better at sleeping the whole night in your own bed, and now only about 40% of the time do we have to pull you into bed with us. When we do, you’ll immediately close your eyes again, but then, you’ll squirm and squirm until Momma stops cuddling you, gives you her entire space, and moves to the foot of the bed. Then you sleep well. I’ve also started to stop waking you up at 7AM and let you wake up on your own. You’ll wake up anywhere between 6:45-7:45AM.

You are more and more evidently becoming a Momma’s boy and I love it! You will follow me with your eyes wherever I go. Sometimes, you just want to sit on Momma’s lap. You also love your Daddy, and will follow him as well, especially when he first gets home from work, since that is the first time you’ve seen him all day (he leaves at 6:40AM to get to work). You love Grandma a lot and enjoy every moment with her. You also love your babysitter and her little daughters and all the attention they give you. You like holding hands and smiling and having conversations. Sometimes, you’ve even gotten back to the point where you like to lay on Momma’s shoulder and just cuddle–that melts my heart every time!

We are pretty sure you are beginning to teeth. You are drooling a lot, and love to chomp on things. Sometimes, you won’t drink your bottle, but pull it to the side of your mouth and chomp on it. Sometimes, you’ll begin fussing and won’t stop until you are chomping on your teething ring. We can’t see or feel anything yet, but I’ve heard that teething symptoms can begin about a month before the tooth actually appears.

Milestones hit at 4 months:
-Rolling onto your stomach (you can now roll over both ways)
-Grabbing toys and passing it between your hands

Talking: You absolutely love to talk. Earlier in the month, there was a period of about two weeks were you discovered your volume and how long you could sustain a sound. You would shriek for the fun of it. It was cute, but annoying fast! Now, you have discovered your lips and are making razzing/raspberry sounds and blowing spit bubbles.

Mobility:You are now a master at rolling over both ways and scooting across the floor. Your speed and stride have lengthened, and you can even turn and pivot now. You sometimes will get on your knees and hands, as if to crawl, but you have no idea what to do next. I honestly think you may begin crawling by the New Year!

Sitting: You love sitting in your Bumbo chair or on someone’s lap. For the most part, as long as someone holds onto your thighs or waist, you can balance yourself. We’ve began sitting you up on your own, and can balance with your hands on the floor for an average of 10 seconds. Because you like sitting up so much and the amount you’ve grown, we started putting you in the tub for baths. We put rubber duckies in the tub, and you love to play with them. We’ll hold onto you as you sit up, but you reach for the ducks in front of you, and sometimes, you’ll double over and your face will end up in the water. It initially shocks you, but after a few blinks, gasps, and sneezes, you are ok again–such a big, brave boy!
While laying down on your back, you are trying to sit up–your head and shoulders will be off the ground. One night, while putting on your diaper, I had to hold your thighs down because you were doing that and trying to roll over. What happened was that on the way to roll over, you realized that you can lift up with your elbow on the ground and you sat up! Like a sit-up or curl-ab! We were able to catch a few videos of it and you seem very proud of yourself for doing so! Grandma calls you the ab-monster.

Toys: You definitely have a few favorite toys, but are starting to get a little bored. You’d rather play with (and chew on) the remote, mom’s phone, or the laptop cords (we keep trying to sternly tell you “no” on that one, but you don’t understand yet). You are able to manipulate the small basket that holds your toys to dump them out, or find a toy under it. You are such a smart boy!

Other Experiences:
You saw snow outside for the first time and loved to watch it from the window. You went to a Christmas Gift Expo for a few hours with Momma, Grandma, and some of your aunts, and were a trooper. You had a family dinner with Great Grandpa and the family at the nursing home and loved being passed to every relative.

You even had your first overnighter without Momma or Daddy. Grandma took you one night so that Momma and Daddy could have a special date night and catch up on some much-needed sleep due to your 4-month regression.

You are such a curious boy! You love to explore and play and you squeal and “hyperventilate” in excitement. You love life! You also love to sit down on our laps and watch TV or try to type on the laptop with us. You really want to be a big boy. We hardly ever hear you cry anymore. Sometimes, we’ll go a whole week without a fuss (I’m not counting fussing waking up).

– food
– Momma and Daddy
– playing on your tummy
– playing clapping games (you can’t clap yet, but you like it when Momma claps your hands for you, and you also like to pretend to do the same for Momma).
– chewing on everything
– talking and flirting with girls
– bathtime

– foam in the bottle
– seeing us walk away
– getting back in the carseat when I pick him up from the babysitter
– ……actually, you’ve been such a happy boy, I’m not sure you really dislike anything this month!!

You are such a good boy and such a blessing. Everyone says you are an easy baby, and we have to agree. We love you so much!

Momma and Daddy

Tayler is a work at home mom. She does free lance articles and dabbles in graphic design and virtual assisting for bloggers. She spent 3 years as a history and English teacher. Her passions are her husband, two children, history, reading, nature, and her Savior, Jesus Christ.


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    Don't you love having a little mommy's boy? It's the best!!

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